Start a Local Chapter

It's easy and exiting to start a new Pacific Green Party chapter!  There is great joy to be had in working with others towards a Green future.  Chapters are generally organized on a county level, but there are exceptions such as Multnomah County which due to it's large population has three chapters.  Here's some simple steps to get going:

  1. request a map and list of Greens living in your county here.
  2. order brochures, voter guides, registration forms etc here.
  3. organize and publicize a meetup or house party here.
  4. get five Greens to sign up for the new chapter and mail a copy of the signup sheet to the Pacific Green Party, PO Box 1606 Eugene OR 97440.

The Pacific Green Party has funding available to help new chapters and a Revenue Sharing program for chapters that are able to establish a political action committee.