Pacific Green Party Condemns University of Oregon’s Action Against Justin Filip, Demands Immediate Reinstatement

Pacific Green Party Condemns University of Oregon’s Action Against Justin Filip, Demands Immediate Reinstatement

Eugene, OR – 6/06/24 – The Pacific Green Party (PGP) strongly condemns the University of Oregon's decision to place Justin Filip on administrative leave for supporting the student-led initiative advocating for Palestinian rights and divestment from companies complicit in the Israeli occupation. Justin Filip, a dedicated member of our party, has been an unwavering advocate for social justice, human rights, and ethical governance.

The administration's punitive action against Justin Filip is a blatant suppression of free speech and an affront to academic freedom. It is deeply concerning that an institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the promotion of critical thinking would resort to such measures against an individual standing in solidarity with oppressed communities. 

Justin Filip’s support for the Popular University for Gaza encampment aligns with the core values of the Pacific Green Party, which include peace, social justice, and respect for diversity. The student-led initiative at the University of Oregon is part of a broader, global movement demanding accountability and ethical investment practices. The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement draws historical parallels to the successful divestment campaigns against South African apartheid and highlights the necessity of standing against state-sponsored violence and systemic oppression.

The Pacific Green Party demands the immediate reinstatement of Justin Filip. We call on the University of Oregon to uphold its commitment to free speech and academic freedom by supporting, rather than punishing, those who advocate for justice and human rights. The university must engage in meaningful dialogue with the students and faculty supporting the divestment initiative, rather than silencing dissent through administrative actions. 

We urge the administration to recognize the moral imperative of standing against injustice and to foster an environment where students and faculty can freely express their views and work towards a more equitable world. The punitive measures against Justin Filip are not only unjust but also counterproductive to the values of higher education and democratic engagement.

The Pacific Green Party stands firmly with Justin Filip and the students of the Popular University for Gaza encampment. We will continue to support their efforts to bring about meaningful change and to hold institutions accountable for their complicity in human rights violations.

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