Nathalie Paravicini, Portland, OR

Running for: Governor

Name of incumbent:  Kate Brown, termed

Why do you want to run for that office, vision/goals, how do you define winning:

Running of office is the ost important platform to advance ideas that are often suppressed or not discussed by those in power.  The amount of money flooding elections this year in Oregon has become obscene and absurd” said candidate for Governor Nathalie Paravicini, ND.  “Oregon is one of only 11 states with no campaign finance limits, even though 82% of Oregonians voted in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing for campaign limits in 2020; so far every effort has been defeated by insiders.  No wonder experts say this year's governor's race will be the most expensive in history. 

I am running for governor to offer voters an alternative to the major candidates who are all feeding from the same trough of big money.  This year's gubernatorial race is a wild card largely because neither major party wanted to implement campaign finance reform.  It is the perfect scenario to showcase how short sighted public policy has been in the US and in Oregon.

Three key policies, messages:

  1. The divide between the haves and have nots has increased in Oregon and many Oregonians find themselves displaced.  I will focus on identifying resources to invest in areas lacking in adequate housing and infrastructure
  2. Giving everyone a stick is not going to make us more safe.  I support creative initiatives like the Oregon People's Rebate ( that address both wealth inequity and the free ride the largest employers get in Oregon by putting that money back where it has the biggest impact:  individual households.
  3. Climate change dictates the need to support biodiversity and a reorganizing of our entire economy.  That is best done by supporting family farms and creative initiatives like a State Bank, to increase access to funding and capacity building for women and minorities.  These populations have a tradition on focusing more on the public good and working cooperatively.

What is your plan, benchmarks:

To be seen, being Green.  I plan on using my campaign to challenge big money and established power structures.  I will use the campaign to continue building capacity within the party, creating viable locals and a communications network.  In Oregon we can implement change by petition.  2024 will be a year with major initiatives that have the potential to change politics in the state.   My campaign will aim to chip away at established structures and build a strong alternative grassroots electoral coalition.

Resources you anticipate needing, treasure mapping:

We will be rolling out a group of key volunteer positions with a budget that will allow for effective relational campaign

How much money do you plan to spend? How will you raise the funds?

I anticipate an initial fundraising drive of $10,000 to et in motion broader fundraising objectives.

Relevant experience and/or other

I have been an small business owner most of my life; and a community organizer for over 30 years.  I have worked in the healthcare sector for over 20 years now both as executive director of a the Community Doula Program, in Texas and as a naturopathic doctor in Oregon.  Throughout my professional career I have taken part in community and public policy initiatives.

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