This Constitution was last amended 19 October 2019

Constitution Article I - Name

The legal name of this organization is the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, hereinafter also referred to as “the party”.

Constitution Article II - Purpose

The Pacific Green Party is established to provide a new voice in the political system, to decentralize political and economic power, and to work for peace, justice, basic human equality, self determination, and an ecologically sustainable society. To achieve our mission, the Pacific Green Party is organized to operate within the State of Oregon election laws as a political party.

Constitution Article III - Membership

Membership categories are defined as follows:

A. Member - As defined in ORS 248.002(4), an individual who is registered as being affiliated with the party.

B. Supporting Member - A member of the party who subscribes to the Statement of Principles and has made an annual contribution as defined in the bylaws.

C. Auxiliary Member - An individual who is not eligible to register to vote with the State of Oregon but has met all the other qualifications for supporting membership.

Constitution Article IV - Organization

The party shall strive for diversity at all levels of organization. The party is established as a direct, participatory democracy. One person, one vote - all members are encouraged to participate at all state and local meetings in accordance with the bylaws.

A. Chapters may be established in accordance with the bylaws.

B. County central committees may be established in accordance with the bylaws and state election laws. In the absence of a county-level process for electing members to the county central committee, individuals may be appointed by the coordinating committee.

C. Coordinating Committee

C.1. A Coordinating Committee (CC) for the state shall be comprised of seven seats, to be filled by members who have been supporting members for at least three months prior to the CC election. The CC members shall serve two-year staggered terms starting in January, four in each odd-numbered year and three in each even-numbered year. Elections may be held the preceding December for convenience.

C.2. When a vacancy occurs prior to expiration of a Coordinating Committee’s term, the CC has the authority to appoint a replacement to serve the remaining portion of the term.

C.3. When the CC by resignation or removal has less than five members, it shall continue to operate and function using a quorum system. A quorum for this purpose shall be a majority of the current members of the CC. When the CC has five or more members a quorum shall be four of the members.

C.4. The responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee include:

C.4.a. Managing state-level finances;

C.4.b. Maintaining compliance with state election law requirements;

C.4.c. Conducting state conventions;

C.4.d. Representing statewide Party interests;

C.4.e. Making binding interpretations of state organizational documents;

C.4.f. Appointing standing and ad hoc committees;

C.4.g. Any other duties that may arise requiring statewide coordination and administration efforts.

D. Officers

The party officers shall be two state co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary. Officers shall be appointed by the coordinating committee and shall serve at its pleasure. The co-chairs shall be members of the Coordinating Committee. When possible, one co-chair shall be female and one shall be male.

Constitution Article V - Conventions

Statewide conventions shall be held at least twice a year.

Constitution Article VI - Annual Gathering

The party may hold an annual gathering, in conjunction, or not, with a convention for the purpose of community building, networking, education, debate, celebration and fun.

Constitution Article VII - Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by two-thirds active approval cast by supporting members at a convention.