Portland area Green Party Social - Sept 16, 4-7:00pm!!

Let's meet and prepare for 2024 and beyond!

Pot luck gathering to meet other greens in your area

  • Portland will see a complete rehaul of its government
  • Ranked Choice Voting will be on the ballot
  • Campaign Finance Reform and the Oregon Rebate will likely be on the ballot as well
  • An antiwar coalition is building
  • A large coalition is working to force the relocation of the Zenith terminal
  • With the current nominees for the two major parties, people are going to look for a real choice...

What are you interested in?  Any ideas?

Let's connect and organize

Reply to the invitation below to receive the exact address

If you cannot join us on the 16, please subscribe to the listserver we created to organize in the general Portland Area.  We want to promote the creation of smaller local cells; so you can connect with people in your own watershed or with whom you have common interests.  Email [email protected] (you may have to create a free account)

September 16, 2023 at 4:00pm - 7pm
Private address, shared with confirmation of your RSVP
Nathalie ·

Will you come?