How to gather Voter Pamphlet petition signatures

It would cost us $14,100 to get Green Party candidate statements printed in the Oregon Voter's Pamphlet which is mailed to every voter for the November 2016 election.  The good news is, we can avoid those fees. 

But we need your help. 

We can petition the Secretary of State to waive those onerous amounts. We need volunteers to hit the streets now and circulate petitions before August 16th!  So time is of the essence.  To help out contact:

Trisha Driscoll
Pacific Greens and Jill Stein
Statewide Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]
phone/text: 541-337-6786


If you haven't gathered signatures before, you might review this summary guide for volunteer petition circulators.  When you print the petitions out, be sure to print the statement on the reverse of the signature sheet.

Petition for Download Sigs Needed
Jill Stein US President  PDF file


Mike Beilstein CD4  PDF file


Alan Zundel SOS  PDF file


Eric Navickas US Senate 

 PDF file

Pacific Green Party

PDF file


Notes (1) having the Jill Stein flyer on the back of your clipboard is an easy way to attract folks to sign the petitions


  1. print the candidate or party statement on the reverse side of EVERY petition.  As an alternative, you may staple a copy of the statement, again to EVERY petition
  2. check that you've signed your name, printed your name, and dated the petition as circulator.
  3. mail the petitions via PRIORITY mail with tracking on Monday 8 August or hand deliver petitions to our Eugene office.  The party will reimburse you the mailing costs if you so desire.
  4. call Trisha at 541-337-6786 to alert her that petitions are due in the mail.

Pacific Green Party
PO Box 1606
Eugene OR 97440

Office address is 454 Willamette St, #219.