Jesse Ventura Eyes GPUS Presidential Nomination

(UPDATE: We regret to report that Jesse has declined to run for health reasons. He has left open the possibility of being nominated by a brokered convention but has not requested that he be placed on our ballot.)

Jesse Ventura eyes Green Party nomination for president; Green Party race for Presidential nominee heats up.

Salem, Oregon –

Reports are out that Jesse Ventura has formally registered as a Green with the Minnesota Green Party. For weeks, Ventura has hinted in tweets and interviews that he was considering the national Green Party for a presidential run. By registering as a Green he is giving up his independent status.

The Green Party race for presidential nominee currently has three officially-recognized contenders; all are established Greens:

Howie Hawkins is the original Green New Dealer and campaigned on the issue when he ran for Governor of New York in 2010. He is also a founding member, having helped organize the US Green Party in August 1984.

Dario Hunter has been an elected Board Member, Youngstown Board of Education (Youngstown, OH) – 2016-2020; he is a rabbi and environmental lawyer. 

Hawkins and Hunter have already campaigned for the nomination in Oregon.

Also in the race is David Rolde.  He represents himself as a protest candidate running against the so-called “USA” and its “phony presidential elections.” Rolde’s central policy objective as president is to “eliminate the U.S. military and weapons industry."

Oregon Pacific Green Party members will have an opportunity to vote on the nominees at their state nominating convention June 6 via a Zoom conference. The national nominating convention will be July 7, when national Greens will select their candidate for President of the USA through a virtual meeting.

Some people within Oregon’s Pacific Green Party are lining up behind Ventura.

“Ventura was a city mayor and governor of Minnesota with a 75% approval rating when he left office.  He's a fierce no-nonsense populist who despises both Dems and Reps alike, defeating both as an Independent in both elections,” said Jack Dresser, a member of the PGP and strong proponent of Ventura winning the National Green Party nomination. 

“He was a Navy Seal during Viet Nam, which scores him points in the public eye, is now adamantly antiwar and anti-waste of public money; he wrote an entire book demonstrating how our country and leadership has dishonored itself, and equivocates about nothing,” said Dresser. “In fact, he is what our country needs right now, in this time of crisis.”

Other local greens are not so confident about Ventura, citing his militancy and willingness to delve into conspiracy theories. But his experience as a Governor is a big plus.

Other candidates remain who have not met the criteria for "recognition" by the GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee, including:

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifiza Curry

Dennis Lambert

Chad Wilson

Kent Mesplay

Susan Buchser Lochocki


The 2020 PGP Candidate Nominating Convention will be held June 6 via Zoom and hopefully also a site TBA in Corvallis. Voters registered PGP by April 28 are eligible to help choose Oregon's delegates to the GPUS nominating convention, which will be held entirely remotely July 9-12.


Think the Green candidate magically appears after the duopoly candidates are anointed? We have our selection process too - but it only works with YOU involved. Take some time to study the field, and we'll see you at our nominating convention in 2020!

The PGP is committed to presenting the GPUS presidential nomination contest in an impartial manner without favor to any particular candidate.