December 2018 Convention

Upcoming Convention Salem, December 1 & 2
The Women's Caucus is organizing a campaign skills share and strategy session on Saturday for elections in 2020 (and 2019)
Party business and voting will take place on Sunday
Contact to register, please indicate whether you need accommodations, transportation or childcare.
Agenda for Dec. Convention

Venue:  Ike Box, 299 Cottage St NE, Salem, OR  

Dec. 1:  Saturday afternoon is campaign strategy and skills share sponsored by the women's caucus (space is limited please register on this list).

Dec. 2:  Business Convention

Note:  Timing is normally set by facilitator(s).  Times are tentative.

9:00:  Doors open;

10:00:  Call to order, attendance, introductions;  name facilitator, notetaker, timekeeper.

10:30:  Assessment of election results.

11:00:  Elect new secretary and 2 SCC members with expiring terms.

11:30:  Chapter recruitment and review.

12:30 - 1:30:  Lunch

1:30:  Proposed bylaws change:  Raise SCC membership back to 7, keep quorum at 4, to facilitate reaching quorum.

2:30:  Treasury, fundraising, expenses.  What can we do to help with fundraising?  Proposal:  set up specific goals, such as outreach to all members.

3:30:  Set date and place for next convention.

4:30:  End. 

North Portland Transportation Summit location changed

The North Portland Transportation Partnership (NPTP) will host a kickoff event featuring Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek and Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, who heads the Portland Bureau of Transportation on Sept. 19, 6-8 p.m. at Kaiser Town Hall (3704 N Interstate Ave.). Oregon Department of Transportation officials also will be on hand to present information about proposed congestion pricing (tolling) on I-5 in North Portland. The event is open to the public and free to attend.

NPTP is taking a fresh look at the issues affecting North Portlanders who ride, bike, drive, roll and walk in and around our neighborhoods. The partnership seeks to take a collaborative approach to transportation issues and to create a shared venue for residents, businesses, government organizations and others to discuss and influence transportation projects that affect us all.

At the kickoff event, NPTP will connect community advocates, residents and transportation officials who share mobility concerns that affect North Portland.  Attendees will have a chance to ask questions and engage in informal interactive conversations about transportation issues.

Please note that this is a change of location. The event had previously been announced in the Overlook Views newsletter to be held at University of Portland. It now is at Kaiser Town Hall.

Nominating Convention 2-3 June in Eugene

Please join us for our Green Party Nominating Convention and workshops to be held in Eugene June 2-3.  If you'd like to carpool, please fill out and submit this form.

Grower's Market, 454 Willamette St, Eugene OR

Saturday 2 June: 9am - 5pm Campaign school with workshops, and SCC meeting:

9-11: Basics of running a campaign: 1st hour presentation, 2nd hour break-up in small groups to actually do some of the work using a campaign as an example and regroup to present

​11-11:15 Break

11:15-1:00 Basics of fundraising: 60-75min presentation, 30min break-up in small groups to again do some work (for example treasure mapping) and regroup

​1-2:15: Lunch

​2:30-4:30: SCC meeting/training

4:30 Stop, free time until dinner

Evening social

Sunday 3 June: 9am - 5pm Nominating Convention voting

I. Credentialing of convention participants
II. Finalize the agenda, allot time

III. Proposed agenda items
1. Nominations and requests for support or endorsement
2. IRV discussion and consensus document/position
3. Important dates coming up for the PGP (filings, etc.)
4. Other

A list of candidates who have filed the required Statement of Candidacy can be found on this page.

Candidates filed for Nomination

Four candidates have filed their Statement of Candidacy for our upcoming Pacific Green Party convention.  Candidates are listed in the order they submitted their statement.




Gunnar Gundersen's Statement of Candidacy submitted 4/22/2018. 

Signatures by five Supporting Members verified 4/23/2018.


Mike Beilstein's Statement of Candidacy submitted 5/15/2018.

Signatures by five Supporting Members verified 5/20/2018.


Michael Sonnleitner's Statement of Candidacy submitted 5/21/2018

Signatures by five Supporting Members to be provided at convention.


Marvin Sannes's Statement of Candidacy submitted 5/23/2018

Two of the five signatures provided are from Supporting Members and five have been verified as registered with the Pacific Green Party as of 5/23/2018.




Lane Greens Ballot Recommendations for 15 May Primary

Our Lane Greens Chapter endorsements and recommendations for the May 15 primary are as follows:

YES on Measure 20-283 for ELECTED Auditor
NORA KENT for West Commissioner
JOE BERNEY for Springfield Commissioner
KEVIN MATTHEWS for East Commissioner

While Pacific Green Party, Lane County has endorsed Zach Mulholland for EWEB At-Large, we also find Viktor Odlivak and Mindy Schlossberg have unique qualifications on environmental issues that Green voters should consider.


Gunnar Gundersen files Statement of Candidacy

Gunnar Gundersen has filed a Statement of Candidacy seeking Pacific Green Party endorsement for his campaign for Oregon's 5th Congressional District.  He has been endorsed by five supporting members.  You may find a copy of his statement here.


Funding passed for Benton County RCV!

The Good News: the Oregon legislature passed HB 5201 which allocates the exact amount specified in the Benton County voter-approved Ballot Measure to implement RCV in Benton County. The funds will be used to certify the new voting system and to conduct voter education and outreach about the switch to RCV.

However: we have been informed by the County Clerk that the County will NOT use RCV in 2018. The Clerk wants more time to do the education and implementation and believes that trying to get it all done by November would be too much of a push. The Clerk was also concerned that changing the system this late in the election cycle would not be fair to some of the candidates and parties who would not be prepared for campaigning under the new system.

We look forward to working with the County over the next 2 years for a stellar roll-out of Benton County's historic switch to this more democratic form of voting.

PDX Cider Riot!

Do you want more choices in our elections?

Do you want representatives that share your views on things like gun control, immigration, healthcare and education? RCV PDX is an organization working to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Portland in 2020. Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to rank all candidates in order of preference rather than the current system of plurality voting that fails to require a majority of votes. RCV is the most popular alternative to our current system. We can have a more fair democracy right here where we live. Change comes from grassroots organizations like ours working from the ground up with the local community and we need you!

Come learn and get involved in a fun, relaxing, networking style event at Cider Riot! Sunday, March 4th from 3-6pm, voting begins at 4. No political affiliation necessary, this is a non-partisan issue. Flights will be half off! Four 4oz. ciders for only $10 PLUS 10% of group proceeds go to RCV PDX to continue the fight for a democracy that represents us all.

Come learn more about Ranked Choice Voting and enjoy some exceptional, locally-brewed, artisan cider!

Sunday, March 4
3:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Cider Riot!

807 NE Couch St. Portland, OR 97232

Congratulations on passing Measure 101!

The Pacific Green Party stands for healthcare as a right and extends its thanks to all the voters in Oregon who overwhelmingly approved ballot measure 101 to impose hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes on hospitals, health insurers, and managed care companies to cover the costs of expanding Medicaid in the state.  Nonetheless, this is a short term fix and we continue to press for a single-payer healthcare system covering everyone with no restrictions or qualifications.

Be sure to vote by by 8pm Jan 23

All Oregonians deserve access to healthcare.  Please be sure to cast your vote in Oregon's Special Election for Measure 101!