LNG Action Alert: Become an Intervenor on the Pacific Connector Pipeline


Flash Action Alert from Rogue RiverkeeperFERC works quickly and the deadline to file comments in opposition is October 26th at 2pm PST

That's Pacific Green Party member George Hutchinson just above Oregon! in the line above.  The Green Party has worked many times over the years with other activists to halt pipelines and LNG development.


The following alert is from Rogue Riverkeeper.

On Friday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) accepted Veresen/Pembina’s Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal application that they filed in September. This kicks off a 21 day window for landowners, individuals, conservation organizations, local governments, community groups, the State of Oregon, and our state agencies to file as intervenors.

The Rogue Riverkeepers are working to get as many groups and impacted community members as possible to file as intervenors to show that there is strong and growing opposition to this project in our region. Filing as an intervenor is a way of registering your concerns about the project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). As an intervenor, if the project is approved, you will have legal standing to participate in future legal challenges if you choose. 

Whether you are a landowner along the proposed route, a resident who loves fishing and hunting, or hiking in the National Forests, a local business owner who is concerned about impacts, or a young person worried about climate change, we all have a stake in ensuring the pipeline does not get built. It is important to be as specific as possible about how the pipeline would impact your interests when intervening. There will also be organizations, like Rogue Climate, who are intervening on behalf of the communities they represent.

FERC works quickly and we have a short timeline to interveneThe deadline to file is October 26th at 2pm PST. The good news is that it is relatively easy to file and we put together step by step instructions that you can access online HERE.

We will also be holding five workshops along the pipeline route. Drop by anytime during the workshops for more info and one on one support to file as an intervenor.


  • Shady Cove: Monday, October 16 from 4pm - 7pm at the Upper Rogue Community Center (22465 Hwy 62 Shady Cove, OR 97539)

Also, last week Veresen, the company behind the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal proposal completed a merger with Canadian fossil fuel giant Pembina Pipeline Corporation. This merger means that we are now fighting one of the largest fossil fuel corporations in North America. Jordan Cove isn’t the first fossil fuel export project proposed by Pembina in Oregon. In 2015, the City of Portland turned down a Pembina proposal for a controversial propane export terminal at the Port of Portland.



P.S. Please consider making a donation, or volunteering in the coming months as we are going to need all hands on deck.