Pacific Green Party Calls for Creation of a Public Bank

Public BankThe Pacific Green Party of Oregon today called for the creation of a public bank, describing it as "critical for Oregon’s future," and announced plans to push for legislation in the upcoming 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature.  "Oregon must be able to provide housing, clean energy, clean air, and healthy food for its citizens. A public bank would empower the public interest in fulfilling these objectives," said Nathalie Paravicini, the PGP’s candidate for Secretary of State, who has been co-nominated by the Progressive Party.   
Pacific Greens call for local empowerment and believe a public banking system is critical for  empowersing communities to form strong economies built around ecological sustainability and social justice.  A public bank can enable the development of more affordable housing, renewable energy systems, community cooperatives, and urban vertically-configured agriculture systems - all critical elements in a sustainable future.  The PGP is a signatory to the Oregon Public Bank project and has co-nominated the Progressive Party candidate for Oregon Treasurer, Chris Henry, who is running on a public bank platform.  The Treasurer of Oregon is empowered to advance legislation and ultimately facilitate the development of a public banking system for Oregon’s economy.   You can find more information about the Public Bank Coalition and sign the petition at
“A public bank is the key to empowering local and state initiatives.  Oregon, and the world around us, are in a state of ecological, humanitarian and political emergency.  A public bank is a fantastic tool for taking control of our financial future and is critical to solving the problems society must contend with,” said Henry.
"Oregon will not be limited by the will of Wall Street if it has a public bank and can leverage capital for positive purposes," said Paravicini.  “A public bank will empower the public interest and give Oregon financial freedom other states can only dream of.”

The PGP invites the public to join in lobbying efforts to create a public bank for Oregon.  You can find more information about the Public Bank Coalition and sign the petition at
If you want to be a representative to the coalition acting as a liaison with Pacific Green Party please send us a message at [email protected] or go to