Register Green

It's easy to become a green!  

Two easy steps

1) Important - please register with the Pacific Green Party so we can contact you for the campaigns and actions Click here

2) Change your voter status with the "my vote" button on the Oregon Secratary of State: 

In order to vote on internal Green Party matters you need to be a SUPPORTING MEMBER.  Click on the tab above for more details.

Why go green?  Here are some great reasons to Register online as a Green:

  • We don't have time to wait - climate change is upon us.  We need true leadership to redefine how we organize ourselves as a society, refocus our investment and priorities
  • Winning is not only about getting elected; it is about shifting the debate.  When you start getting 5-10% of the vote you swing elections; you can no longer be ignored.
  • Register Green to send a strong message that voters are organizing.  We do not hesitate to run viable candidates willing to address the root of the problem.  Let's take on "Moneyed Interests" by running for office in local, statewide and national elections
  • Register Green and donate, making it easier for grassroots candidates to not only to participate in future elections, but also to win them.
  • Register Green because the earth as we know, you and I can't wait.

Why not register as a Non Affiliated Voter or for another party?

  • The Green Party serves as a vehicle for a shared vision based on its platform.  We see the Green Party as a hub for coordinated action between various grassroots movements.
  • That coordinated action is best pushed forward with a ballot line and the ability to run consensus candidates.  Registering Green allows us to keep that opportunity on the ballot.
  • The Green Party already has chapters in most states.  We are working to consolidate ballot access in ALL states.  Registering Green and donating, allows us to do that.

Still not sure? Here are some more great reasons to Register Green

  • Do you really believe it’s gotta be the “lesser of two evils?”  Many people don't want to vote Democrat or Republican.  We are working hard to institute electoral reform, in the form of Ranked Choice Voting, for example.  When you look at what is going on; neither party is a viable option.
  • We speak our truth, not what the polls tell us people want to hear.   Registering Green is a move beyond politics to true participation, collective intelligence and the chance at an impact beyond heads-or-tails on Election Day. 
  • The budget of the Military Industrial Complex is excessive and absurd.  So are the Farm bill and the way insurance and pharmaceutical companies have highjacked our healthcare system.  The Green Party 

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