Mike Beilstein, Corvallis, OR

Running for: US Congress, Congressional District 4

Name of incumbent:  Peter De Fazio

Why do you want to run for that office, vision/goals, how do you define winning:

Spreading message in opposition to the war propaganda that dominates public consciousness.  I was not planning on running for office this election, but the escalation of war in Ukraine, to the point of risking a nuclear confrontation, convinced me that I need to use this platform to counter the war propaganda disseminated by our political and media leaders.  I am ashamed that the entire Congressional delegation voted for $40 billion to increase the level of violence in Ukraine.  There are no voices from the so-called "Congressional Progressive Caucus" calling for negotiation and de-escalation. 

Three key policies, messages:

  1. Climate change is an immediate existential threat.
  2. USA militarism makes the world a dangerous place and prevents effective climate action.
  3. USA racist, imperialist, colonial policy destroys lives domestically and abroad.

Oregon needs a firewall to keep the outside influence of Corporate money from influencing Oregon issues. Oregon has great potential to be a self sustaining state. Not a subsidiary of Big Business. We need to pass Health Care for All Oregon. I believe HCAO will be a boon to small business. And more people may feel inclined to start their own business. "Your health is your wealth, if you are wise."

What is your plan, benchmarks:

To be seen, being Green; placing the candidate statement in the state funded voter guide and publicizing our positions in as many possible fora as possible.

Resources you anticipate needing, treasure mapping:

Signature gathering for candidate statement.

How much money do you plan to spend? How will you raise the funds?

Up to $750, raised in small donations 

Relevant experience and/or other

Elected and served on the Corvallis City Council for 12 years. Campaigned for County Commissioner twice and for US Congress five times.


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