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“For me, winning is changing the political debate, in addition to getting to the office," Paravicini said. "Making ranked choice voting something that everyone has heard of and a dinner table discussion, I consider that winning the election."  From the write-up in The Salem Statesman Journal, by Connor Radnovich, on the coverage for Secretary of State.

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Upcoming races, initiatives and campaigns 2022-23

Oregon people's Rebate

A very elegant initiative that will bring money back to every single resident in Oregon as a rebate from sales of megacorporations doing business in Oregon.  There is no incentive for businesses tyo leave the state, as they want our money.  But a small fraction of that money will come back to Oregonians instead of lining the pockets of the 1%.

The rebate has the potential to bring large sums of money to depressed rural areas.  Oregon has one the the lowest corporate taxes in the country.  Make this a reality by helpgin get the rebate on the ballot in 2022.  The full text can be found here.

Currently, the campaign is gathering the first 1,000 signatures from across the state for the sponsorship phase of the initiative petition campaign.  Let's have Greens be a key ally in collecting this small nuymber of signatures.
Option 1: Request a signature sheet (and postage-paid return envelope) at 
Option 2: Print your own e-sheet at