Darryl Cherney running for Green Party Presidential nomination



I am deciding now if I'll run for the Green Party Presidential nomination. Many deadlines are approaching. I am requesting that state parties provide me information on the requirements for earning delegates and/or qualifying for a primary. Please read my revised platform/manifesto and "like" my facebook page

I need your signatures here to achieve recognition from the GPUS as a candidate. I seek your input now!

My platform is below the fold.


I am Darryl Cherney of the redwood region of Northern California. I’m testing the waters for a Green Party candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Election. I have been an Earth First! organizer and troubador for 29 years. I am a film producer (Who Bombed Judi Bari?, 2012), recording artist, fundraiser, firewood provider, and a manager of affordable housing. I have founded and remained in long campaigns from start to finish. They include the successful 13-year Headwaters Forest Campaign and Judi Bari’s and my successful First and Fourth Amendment lawsuit (14 years) against the FBI and Oakland Police for arresting us for car-bombing ourselves in Oakland in 1990 while we were on a musical organizing tour to save the redwoods. A federal jury awarded us $4.4 million. I am a practicing pagan who honors Mother Earth as sacred.

As a registered member of the Green Party since 1990, I held office hold for four years on our local healthcare district from 2006 – 2010. I ran for Congress in 1988 in the Democratic Primary prior to the Green Party being recognized by the state of California. I have a B.A. in English Education and an M.S. in Urban Education. My most important job is that I am a father of a young daughter. She has given me a vision for the future.

I invite critiques and changes to this document.

To change the course of world events, we need a President who can think out of the box, turn the dominant paradigm on its head, and speak and act from the heart as well as the mind. We require a candidate who has internalized how we are not merely on the precipice of disaster, but have, in fact, gone over it and are falling quickly, grasping for some branch to hold on to.
We are all about to die and this is no time for “playing progressive.” This is no time to get a small fraction of 1% of the vote. This is a time to issue a real challenge to the system. To do so, we must use unconventional means within this most conventional of formats. It is neither an easy nor simple task.

The President’s power is limited by the authority the office is afforded by the Constitution; but it can do much. As a President belonging to neither of the dominant parties, choosing and getting cabinet members and judicial appointees confirmed will be a monumental task. Therefore, it is important that a Green Party Presidential candidate present what can actually be done, should the candidate win, unlikely or not as that may be. Opinions mean little if they cannot be transformed into action.
The most important qualities a President must have are the power to inspire and the ability to lead. The power of persuasion of both the American people and the U.S. Congress is essential. The victor is often the one who frames the debate. This platform offers examples of how I wish to frame the issues. A President of the United States can accomplish many things unilaterally—even as a single Green with a sea of corporate Democrats and Republicans.

This is what I can and will do if elected:
1. Justice and Native Peoples. My first act will be to Pardon and Free American Indian Movement activist Leonard Peltier. In keeping with that spirit, I will order a review of all treaties made with the indigenous peoples of this country so that they are honored as best as possible. I will issue immediate pardons to Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning, among others.
2. Alternative Energy. My second act will be to order the White House be covered in solar panels. Additionally I will order that the front pillars be painted green with non-toxic paint. The president must lead by example. This will be the start of a program I will initiate a program I’m calling the “Solar Pipeline.” Instead of polluting, climate-changing oil pipelines such as Keystone, we’ll create a solar pipeline from solar panel factories to every home and building in the United States.
3. Cannabis. My third act will be to remove Cannabis from being a Schedule 1 drug and do all within my power that it has officially recognized medical, industrial and recreational value. With so many hundreds of thousands in jail and prison for this victimless crime, which should not be a crime at all, this is a human rights issue. I will pardon all non-violent cannabis offenders as quickly as possible.
4. Food. My fourth act will be to convert the entire white house lawn into a vegetable garden and start showing by example how people can feed themselves. The food grown will be donated to local D.C. food banks. Food production can and for many, should start at home. Many communities have zoning ordinances that prevent this. The current first lady has taken on nutrition in the schools as an issue. One of the best ways to improve the American diet, especially with obesity as an epidemic, is to grow our own food. In addition to food banks giving our free food to the hungry, we will initiate “Seed Banks,” giving out free vegetable seeds and starts to those who wish to provide for themselves. It’s a national security issue with about 1/3 of our citizens unable to serve in the military due to obesity.
Further, we must stop subsidizing farmers to not grow food. Are we insane as a nation? We must prohibit the enslavement of farmers to huge corporations like Monsanto and Nestle who are playing God with our food and our water, proclaiming that these basic essentials for life are somehow not a right. I will do must utmost to ensure that all Americans have a right to food and water.
5. Fracking. My fifth act will be to issue an executive order to end all fracking everywhere as it constitutes a national state of emergency and a security threat. Nothing is more important than our water. No entity should ever be allowed to pollute our water again for any reason. Water is sacred. I will order the Environmental Protection Agency to initiate superfund clean up status to all fracking sites already in existence.
6. 9/11. My sixth act will create a President’s Commission to investigate what actually happened on September 11, 2001. It was more than the three World Trade Center towers that toppled that day. It was our liberty, our country, our sense of trust and our sense of our selves as a nation. I’ll direct my Attorney General to commence investigations into war crimes, torture, and the activities of the NSA, CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security among other entities.
7. The War on People. My seventh act will be to direct my Attorney General to end what I call “The War on People” and replace it, if a war must be waged, with a renewed War on Poverty. The existing War on People by our government and its corporate masters is pervasive, relentless, and diverse. From the Wall Street robberies of homeowners, to the unjust and unequal sentencing guidelines, to the exporting of jobs overseas, to police brutality and the stop and frisk policies unfairly targeting non-Caucasians, these illegal activities must be prosecuted. I will direct my Attorney General to investigate acts of racism and bigotry committed by law enforcement across the US.
The mantra of Black Lives Matter does not go far enough. African American Lives are Sacred. Yes, all lives are sacred, but the targeting of certain classes of people must be acknowledged and dealt with specifically and meaningfully.
It is a violation of the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution for minor infractions such as parking and traffic tickets, tollbooth late fees, and late registration, the interest rates and late fees to be higher in cost than the mafia’s worst loan sharking rates. The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Families are being crushed with fees of hundreds or thousands of dollars, and jailed as well, because they cannot afford a ticket or fine in the first place. Government must not profit from the fines it issues. To do so is to create a society where crime does, in fact, pay. Crime now pays the government and worse, the private corporations to which it has outsourced its collection processes.
Compounding this extortion of the poor and middle classes is the diminishing of the safety nets for those in need. We damage our society with the wars we send our young people to who return (if alive) damaged for a lifetime. We virtually enslave women with the ever-diminishing access to abortion and even birth control.

The permission and encouragement of pollution at every level affects all life including that of the animals and plants resulting in exponentially increasing birth defects to our life quality and expectancy. We have made voting an act of contortion that prevents the poor and many others from having access to the polls. I believe that felons in and out of prison should have the right to vote. To do so will give them a meaningful option to participate in our democracy. I have never understood why this right was taken away. I will direct my Attorney General to see where the constitution is violated by this War on People and ensure that it is ended.
8. Military Intervention. My eighth act, as Commander in Chief, will be to review all wars and military intervention with the intention of withdrawing our troops and operatives in the countries where they are not welcome and where they have done nothing but wreak havoc, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. As bad as some places are, our presence has only made them worse and further, has created and fertilized the veritable nightmares that we claim to be fighting. Why are we sending weapons to Israel and then to its adversaries in Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan? We appear to be rooting for World War three and then betting on all the teams. The only ones benefiting from this are the weapons manufacturers and the war profiteers. The President has extensive foreign policy discretion. It may be high time to nationalize the military weapons industry so that the profit is removed from war.
For our troops who have returned, especially those who have been wounded in action, we must provide the finest medical and psychological care. We must actually do this for all Americans. The President has authority over the Veterans Administration, and other agencies to ensure that this issue of national security, the health of our people, is reformed and revised that will not make people and their families homeless because they are sick.

While a president cannot single-handedly pass legislation, it is my position that Medicare applies to people of all ages. We must end the profiteering on illness and taking advantage of our people when they are at their weakest. The corporate system of leeching must be exterminated.

In addition to my initial executive actions, the following constitutes additional positions I hold on key issues where the President can hold sway.
9. Immigration. The principle reason people immigrate to our country in large numbers is to escape poverty and oppression. They come here because there is no dignity afforded them by their own governments’ and corporations’ policies. Many of these oppressive regimes were and are propped up by the United States through military aid, financing for the bogus war on drugs and even assisted assassinations (President Salvador Allende of Chile, being the most well-known). So it is our own foreign policy that is causing immigration, especially with the never-ending wars we are fighting, making the world more and more uninhabitable.
Immigrants are among the hardest working people. The jobs they often do are jobs that won’t be filled by many Americans because they are backbreaking, tedious and sometimes degrading.
Americans benefit from these immigrants because of the jobs they fill. We hire them. We eat the food they cook. We live in the houses they build and the homes they clean. The corporate, private sector certainly benefits from them. You’ll have to talk to immigrants yourselves to learn their stories.
We are more than a nation that continues to take in immigrants. We are a country that needs them, a country literally built by them. So I say, “Thank you for coming.”
10. Mental Health and Drug Addiction. We have a crisis of mental health and drug addition in this country. We are losing our youth and our souls to methamphetamine and heroin. From small towns to large cities, we are being overrun by homeless youth with severe addiction and mental health problems. Crime is running rampant. Law enforcement is overwhelmed. This medical crisis needs our attention now. I will create a Presidential Commission on Mental Health and Drug Addiction, Rehabilitation and Education.
Additionally, we must provide a mental health screening and healing process for law enforcement across the United States. If expect our airlines to require it of our pilots who have our lives in their hands, then the same standard must be held for law enforcement.
I plan to declare “The War on Sugar.” Sugar is the number one addictive and most dangerous white powder drug on the planet. It causes mental health imbalance, obesity, rotten teeth, hypoglycemia, diabetes, horrid pollution of wetlands, decimation of wildlife, and wage slave conditions. I believe it is one of the primary causes of police violence and plan to start a campaign called “Bagels, not Donuts” for law enforcement officers.
11. Palestine/Israel. In the matter of Palestine and Israel, I favor the one state solution and the repatriation of the Palestinian people who have been expelled from their own country. If it could be done in South Africa, it can be done in Israel/Palestine. Palestinians living in what is now called Israel must be given the right to vote. This is a suffrage issue. Israel currently has no constitution. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise as an actual constitution can now be created to protect all who live there.
My proposal for the refugees is to create an international treaty/agreement in which numerous nations agree, including and especially Israel, to accept the 5 to 9 millions Palestinian refugees. Many won't want to go back to Israel for many reasons--they might prefer to seek the fortune in the USA, Europe, South America or elsewhere. However, they will have the right to return and to visit Israel. This quagmire was caused by the actions of many nations, both Western and Middle Eastern. Therefore, they should all contribute to a just solution.

The creation of Israel was based on deep, inescapable principles of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland. The treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli government amounts to crimes against humanity. However, the Jewish people have also been subjected to ethnic cleansing perhaps far more than any other ethnic group in history. It has taken place for over two thousand years, right up to the present era. In addition to the unspeakable holocaust, devastating pogroms and mass expulsions from countries like Spain, Russia, Egypt and Iraq have taken place relentlessly throughout history. As we seek truth and reconciliation, we must allow people to have their narrative.

An estimated 750,000 or more Jews were expelled from middle eastern countries in the last half of the last century resulting in those refugees heading, ironically, to Israel en mass. While much of that was a reaction to the creation of Israel and the 1948 war, the Jewish people in those other countries were not Israelis were not planning to leave their homes. Therefore, the Jewish state of Israel was catalyzed by the actions of the European and Middle Eastern nations that ethnically cleansed them, as well as the United Nations itself in 1948. As part of the reconciliation process, all sides need to articulate that they agree these atrocities have taken place. Denialism has abounded in this issue.

Tragically, like an abused child who emulates his abusing parent, Israel is engaging in the kind of horrors that constitute pogroms against the Palestinians. These crimes against humanity go on relentlessly in a way the clearly looks like the Israeli plan to rid the nation of its entire Palestinian population by making life unlivable for them. This must stop at once, and the wrongs must be reversed and reparations must be made.

To be blunt, Israel as it knows itself and as many in the mainstream support it, is not politically, militarily, or psychologically sustainable.

As president, I will make sure that military aid will not go to any country engaging in war crimes and crimes against humanity including but not limited to Israel and Egypt, our two biggest recipients. This constitutes the greatest leverage we have in moving Israel rapidly in the direction of justice and self-determination for the Palestinians, as well as for themselves. I will take an honest, heartfelt and compassionate approach toward healing this most ugly wound in the world.

12. Colonies, DC and Self-determination. It is not enough to close Guantanamo Bay military prison. We must return Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba. It is hard to fathom that the US continues to control territories that are really colonies throughout the world. The people who live there have no voting rights or control over how we govern or don’t govern them. These nations include Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands.
We have territorial jurisdiction over Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for which we claim a perpetual lease. Last, but not least, there is Washington, DC.

Once elected, I will work hard to ensure full Congressional voting rights for Washington, DC, if not outright statehood. Puerto Rico should be allowed to vote for statehood, independence, or even the status quo. All of the remaining territories should be given similar consideration depending on the will of the people living there.
13. Children’s Rights. We have no greater asset in this nation than our children. Our children and young adults need meaningful education, nutritional food, a clean environment, family support, parks, sports, and freedom from abusive people. None of this can be done without a well-funded social services structure. As President I can start by enforcing the constitution by ensuring that all schools are created equal as our Constitution requires, and that they have equal funding and equally good teachers, not to mention equally good roads and streets for the equally good school buses to drive on.
Let’s change the way we teach children. Let’s put an emphasis on real life knowledge: carpentry, mechanics, foreign languages and much more. I will emphasize the need to start teaching all those things among other skills starting in first grade or even earlier. Foreign languages can be taught most effectively from age 2 and up. To compete in the modern world, Americans should speaking 2, 3, 4 or 5 languages. I want to see all state and city colleges be entirely free again, including free of budget breaking fees. While this last item is a matter of state and local control, it is also a matter of national security as well as maintaining a competitive edge in the world market. There are many subsidies the federal government can offer states and local municipalities if the military actions of this nation were halted in favor of what is a much more national security need--the education of our people.
14. Women’s Rights. Women are historically, without doubt, the most persecuted humans on the planet. As early as 3000 B.C., women were being executed for “adultery” in ancient Sumer. While I fully endorse the Equal Rights Amendment for women, I feel we need to go much further than that.
My platform’s most important component is the evolution of human consciousness, we collectively need to raise our appreciation of women, the experiences they have, and the balance and harmony they bring to our species.
I have always been amazed at how men will abandon their children, physically hurt their spouses and lovers, and relegate women to object status. From a matter of consciousness, men are actually missing out on some of the true happiness and inner piece that life can bring. Raising a child is not just the co-responsibility of the father--it is a joy that has no comparison when the heart is open to it. Engaging in an egalitarian view of the sexes brings with it a more satisfied and full life for men. The converse and current mentality of war, rape, power-over, and might makes right is probably the most urgent psychological ailment humanity must overcome. If the Hopi people tell us that we are living “life out of balance,” I would present that the balance we are “out of” is that between men and women. It may well be the key to saving ourselves.
Eco-feminism correlates the treatment of women and the treatment of the planet, which we often refer to as Mother Earth. At some point in our history--particularly with the advent of agriculture--war and conquest became the norm and the role of women as mothers, healers, providers and wisdom holders took a back seat to the soldier, the killer, and the destroyer of nature. The challenge at hand is to lift the veil and reverse this dynamic that we perhaps, unconsciously fell into like a bottomless pit from which there is no end but our own destruction.
As a Presidential candidate, it is my preference to partner with a woman as vice-President. I would present the role, however, more as a co-President. We would run the country together pushing for legislation and executive orders that would honor and serve women in this nation. I would present myself as “Father-in-Chief” and use the pulpit as an amplifier to show and tell the men of our nation and the world: love your children, love and embrace the feminine, and you will love yourself that much more.
15. Save the post office, save the postal workers! The United States Post Office and union Postal Workers are under attack by Congress, with little help from the current President. As per Ben Franklin’s wise constitutional amendment, we must provide postal service. But currently our government is cutting their hours, shutting down sorting facilities, and eliminating overnight delivery standards. We must stop and reverse this trend immediately.
According to the post office’s website, the U.S. Postal Service must pre-fund retiree health benefits unlike any other public or private entity. They must pay today for benefits that will not be paid out until some future date. Other federal agencies and most private sector companies use a “pay-as-you-go” system, by which the entity pays premiums as they are billed. Shifting to such a system would equate to an average of $5.65 billion in additional cash flow per year through 2016, and save the Postal Service an estimated $50 billion over the next ten years.
16. Private vs. Public Sector. There is a false myth that the private sector can do things better than government. If that was the case, why does everything we buy today so easily fall apart? I will discourage and veto bills that further privatization of our government services and undo by executive order and as Commander in Chief any privatization that is within my power to undo.
If the private sector is so much better, than the current corporate message is that people in China and India can make things better than we can. We, the people, have proven to be some of the best workers, making the best products in the world.
Government runs things exceedingly well when it is properly financed. The library, motor vehicle, social security, Medicare, and passport systems, for example, are mammoth institutions that function remarkably well given their sizes? In comparison, private sector healthcare or for that matter customer service for your large cable/internet provider is a nightmare to navigate, and in many ways fraudulent in what they claim to offer and charge, as well.
The dismantling of our infrastructure and government services is tantamount to a silent coup in this country. While millions of Americans bemoan government intrusion, police oppression, unreasonable taxation and regulation, it must be presented that these incursions into our freedoms are not only the work of “government,” but also the work of the private sector. This is not to suggest that the government is always better, but rather to further the understanding government belongs to the people and the corporations don’t.
17. Global Living Wage. I will put forth a proposal not just for a national living wage, but a “Global Living Wage”. We must not engage in trade partnerships with countries that allow adults and children to be paid starvation wages or worse, work in actually slavery. To assist in this, I will enlist the support of unions internationally for it is the unions that have brought living wages everywhere they have emerged as a part of an historical legacy. Let the term “International” mean something. An injury to one is an injury to all across the globe, not just at home.
18. International Application of our Constitution. I will order that our constitution be applied internationally. Whether it’s whom we allow into this country to speak at our universities or how we treat prisoners overseas, the Bill of Rights will apply. How can we call ourselves moral and not do anything but that?
19. Infrastructure. The infrastructure of this nation must be reinstated and rebuilt. Self-sufficiency must be maximized at every level, from the neighborhood and watershed to the nation itself. If, China were to attack us, even economically, where would we get our supplies? We wouldn’t be able to acquire a single television set, Apple computer, or even much in the way of clothing or American flags to wave, for example. Keeping manufacturing jobs here requires new trade agreements, negating old ones, and providing disincentives to buying merchandise made by slave-wage labor. This is within the President’s purview. The “Solar Pipeline” mentioned above is just one example of a huge infrastructure retooling that would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs quickly from the manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of the systems.
As President I will foster the creation of a waste-free society. The pollution created by waste products constitutes again, a national emergency. In fact, it’s an international emergency. Companies must be held responsible for recycling and re-using the packaging they create, most of which is unnecessary and done in the name of marketing. Disposing of corporate packaging in public landfills is a form of an unspoken government subsidy in a colossal form.
In the mission of eliminating our waste, cleaning the environment, and re-tooling our infrastructure for a fossil fuel free world, I will propose a “Global Full Employment Program.” If there are seven billion able bodied adults on the planet, then there are seven billion jobs for people to clean up the mess we’ve made. All hands on deck!
20. End Fossil Fuel Use. We must end our use of all fossil fuels, except for emergency services… yesterday. For those who say, to end using fossil fuels immediately is not realistic, I would say, to continue using them as we have is not realistic if we expect to survive even short while.
Our first act as a nation is to just start using less--like turning off the ever-present lights in office buildings after dark. We can eliminate a huge percentage of our greenhouse gasses without diminishing our quality of life. In fact, this act will increase the quality of life. It is our patriotic duty.
21. Geo-Engineering. I will establish a commission to investigate Geo-Engineering, popularly known as Chemtrails, as has been requested by a large, legitimate constituency. We used to live in a world where you could look up in the sky and not see streaks of white chemical clouds everywhere. Being born in 1956, I am well aware of what the world and clear skies used to look like.
22. Environmental Rights. I am putting forth a proposal for a constitutional amendment for Equal Rights for All Species. We as the Green Party see clearly the bigotry that targets disenfranchised people throughout our nation and the world. Indigenous peoples are at the low end of the proverbial totem pole, with African American, Latino American, Islamic Americans, LGBT Americans, and American women of every persuasion also getting the serious brunt of cruelty dispensed by the corporate nation state. Naturally I will also support an Equal Rights Amendment for Women.
However, it is the non-human world that has it the worst, by far. Whether it is the wolf, the bald eagle, the condor, the buffalo, the Florida panther, or the marbled murrelet, or whether it is our forests, our fresh waters, our oceans, our deserts, our mountaintops, or our precious air; the fact is our human lives hinge on the health of all life on planet Earth. This holocaust of unfathomable proportions against the natural world must end now.
23. Taxation. Our system of taxation is unequal, unfair, and inadequate. I propose that we base our taxation on our national budget. Simply put, we raise what we plan to spend. I do believe in a balanced budget. As so many Americans are in debt, I believe our government should lead by example by not being in debt.
Obviously, tax loopholes for offshore corporations and ridiculously low tax rates for the mega-wealthy should be adjusted first to fill the budget deficit. How dare the corporations cheer on our soldiers as they go to war and then cry like babies about class warfare and paying their fair share? These same corporations insist on balancing the budget while they steal from it. The megalithic private institutions demand that the government coddle them in their over-sized, outgrown cribs. They refuse to offer their own economic sacrifice and patriotic contribution to pay for keeping our great nation afloat! This is a form of treason.
24. Green Party Building. As a candidate, constituency building is a key benefit I can offer the Green Party. While it is fine to have a platform that is attractive to environmental activists, cannabis smokers, 9/11 Truth Seekers, Mental Health advocates, Earth Centered spiritualists, civil and human rights advocates, and Chemtrail inquirers, it is far different to be embraced as one of them in a way that translates to votes.
While the party holds only 150 seats in various local governments, most of these are District seats and micro-government positions such as school boards, on which it is actually quite easy to procure a seat. Many of these elections are uncontested. I held a seat for four years on a healthcare district board. The party needs someone in a leadership position to encourage members to take seats in government.
Thus far, only the Republicans and worse, its Tea Party wing, have recognized the value of holding these small seats by the thousands, as opposed to by the dozens. As a Presidential Candidate, and a former Green Party healthcare district board member, I can be a person that encourages party members to step up and do the work. Grabbing a hold of these seats constitutes part of what I think of as a Quiet Revolution.
As your future president I will tell you that the future is not so much in our hands as it is in our hearts. We must learn to speak in universal languages--the languages of music, art, children, sports, cannabis, and love. Imagine world leaders and people everywhere dancing and singing together, hiking Mother Earth together, enjoying children together, watching a game together, expressing love for each other, and yes, even smoking a joint together instead of gorging themselves on alcohol and puffing away on cigarettes.
We must change the way we think and we act toward one another, not seeing things as black and white, right and left, liberal and conservative, gay and straight, pro-choice and pro-life, not to mention our religious labels. Few in this world have a skin color that is actually black or white. We are mostly shades of brown and tan. Conservatives do not conserve. Liberals are not liberal with our resources. Pro-lifers often support killing both people and the natural world. Pro-choice is not the opposite of pro-life nor is it pro-death. The framer of the debate often wins the debate and these labels have stacked the deck in favor of a system that is dividing and conquering us. These words tell us nothing about who we are and actually have meanings that do not possess the definitions the conditions that the dictionary would ascribe to them. They are part of the language that paints us as being on one side or another as opposed to part of the human family.
What we have now is not so much corporate personhood, but rather corporate kingdoms—a feudal system--a real life Game of Thrones that has been going on for millennia. The class warfare the rich claim to abhor is, in fact, being practiced, for sure but only against the poor. The 99% is really the 99.99 percent and are used as pawns by and caught in the crossfire of warring corporate and nation-state kingdoms.
However, I maintain it is not wealthy humans who are the adversary. It is a system, or matrix of systems, that is devouring us. We are surrounded us by a Pentagon of Power—our Military, Educational, Religious, Technological and Communications systems that have us walled in and surrounded. There is no "they" that are out to get us. What is devouring us is an "it," a system that we must circumvent, outflank, jiu jitsu, or perhaps simply sing and laugh out of existence. That system can have many names, but I will call it the death culture. As president, I want to nurture a culture of life for all species and all peoples on our planet.
The rich shall die in this brewing holocaust we call progress as surely as the poor, even if it’s only a few days later. We must cast off the shackles of convention and nominate a candidate who doesn’t so much speak the language of political correctness—which is often the language of division—but rather one who seeks what I call the highest common denominator, that which unifies us all—our air, water, earth, fire, children, shelter, music, love, laughter, education, health and our desire to survive.
There are not two Americas, as a former Presidential candidate once said. There are three hundred million Americas. Each of us has a unique story and struggle that is as important as any other to ourselves. We are all part of a family—a national family and a global family. I say to you, as the next President of the United States, Let the healing begin. Thank you.

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