Leading voices in Campaign Finance Reform

The last attempt at Campaign Finance Reform through the Legislature in Oregon was led by two of the most ethical and inspiring legislators I have met:  Andrea Salinas, now running for US District, and Jeff Golden, who is coming under fierce challenge financed by a lot of money.

It is no coincidence that so much money is being poured in Oregon to buy elections.  That our elections have become a marketing contest is death to Democracy.  This is especially problematic since the rates of literacy in the US has continued to decline:  54% of adults in the US as functionally or marginally illiterate.  Meaning they cannot read long words, comprehend paragraphs or tables.  This is a serious problem for the competitivity of the US and Democracy at large.

In the struggle for Democracy there is no replacement for your time and small donations.

Please don't wait until it is too late - otherwise you are letting the few with money define the type of world your children are going to live in.

Andrea Salinas campaign

Jeff Golden campaign


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