Pacific Green Party Nominations for Senate, House, State and County Offices

On Saturday, June 6th, members of the Oregon Pacific Green Party gathered  in record numbers via virtual convention to nominate their candidates for state and federal offices.  The nominees and offices are:

U.S. Senate: Ibrahim Taher
US House District 3: Alex DiBlasi
US House District 4: Daniel Hoffay
Secretary of State: Nathalie Paravicini N.D.
Oregon House District 17: Tim Dehne
Oregon House District 23: Alex Polikoff
Benton County Commission: Mike Beilstein
and a conomination: Oregon Treasurer: Chris Henry (Progressive/Independent) 

Oregon's 7 delegates in the presidential contest were awarded proportionally, with no majority winner.

3 to Howie Hawkins
2 to Dario Hunter
1 to Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry
1 to Dennis Lambert

The Presidential nomination will be determined by the national convention of the Green Party, also virtual, on July 11.

The Oregon convention also added to the platform the party's support for legalizing sex work.Blair Bobier, a founder of the party, said:  "Our candidates commit to dismantling institutional racism and defunding the police, along with our signature issues of peace and environmental sanity.