Daniel S. Hoffay, Cottage Grove, OR

Running for: US Congress, full term, CD4

daniel hoffayName of incumbent:  DeFazio

Why do you want to run for that office, vision/goals, how do you define winning:

I define 'winning' as influencing public dialogue, and keeping issues on the table that the Duopoly would prefer to ignore. I want to see a green wave overtake this country. I want peace, health, human rights, strong community, environmental protection, and economic security. I want to be rid of war (especially as a business model). I want to be rid of unaccountable corporate monopolies which have captured every public regulatory agency. I want to see the public's wealth being used for programs of social uplift and environmental protection. I want to see public service become the primary requirement for the approval of any corporate charter. I want to see taxation with representation in the form of social uplift. I want to see corporate criminals held to account, rather than being 'bailed out' with $Trillions in taxpayer dollars. I want to see war criminals held to account. I want to see both domestic and international laws being honored, and evenly applied.

Three key policies, messages:

War is a crime against all life. Environmental destruction is a crime against life. Corporate capitalism uses war, environmental destruction, and exploitation as its business model. People are not capital. They are not expendable, nor commodities to be bought and sold. Corporations are not people. It is illegal to own a person.

What is your plan, benchmarks:

I want to put an end to war for profit. I plan to work toward banning the manufacture and commerce of weapons of mass destruction. I will to work toward the elimination of the status of 'persons' of corporations under the law, and require public service as the primary requirement of any private business seeking to limit its liability through incorporation. I will work toward single-payer health care. I plan to work toward returning the issuance of currency to the U.S. Treasury by revoking the charter of the Federal Reserve. The constitution authorizes government to issue currency, without debt or interest. If government can issue bonds, it can issue currency. I plan to work toward securing our nation, not by the force of arms, but by respecting our neighbors. I will work toward the creation of a modern equivalent of the Apollo Project with the goal of employing, housing, and educating every American by the creation of jobs and careers that produce peace, health, security, liberty, and a healthy, biologically diverse environment.

Resources you anticipate needing, treasure mapping:

I anticipate needing intelligent and energetic team-mates of a like mind. I will also need funding.

Potential obstacles:

Capitalism. Poverty. Feet of clay.

Relevant experience and/or other

Artist. Commercial fisherman. Health care worker. Father of 6.