Eugene Register-Guard Candidate Profile of Dan Pulju

U.S. Senate race: Republican, minor party candidates hoping to unseat incumbent Wyden

Adam Duvernay, Register-Guard
October 2, 2022ยท9 min read

Dan Pulju, a 51-year-old poll interviewer from Eugene, is running for the U.S. Senate on the Pacific Green Party ticket.

As a minor-party candidate with about $1,000 in total donations to his campaign, Pulju said he doesn't expect to win the race but is hopeful even moderate success will help Oregonians move toward leaving behind the two-party system.

"The win is to get a significant percentage of the vote that gets people actually interested in believing that they can win. There's a psychological problem among American voters where they feel like they have no choice but to vote for one of the two major parties," Pulju said. "I'm trying to get 5% this year. Maybe someone gets 7% or 10% next year."

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One of Pulju's main campaign issues is ending "forever wars," a state of geopolitics in the United States and elsewhere that he believes benefits elites at the expense of ordinary people. He said a current-day manifestation of the problem is the conflict in Ukraine and its antecedents, and Pulju said he wants to see the United States end its involvement in it.

"We need to stop involvement in the Ukraine war. It's not going to go the way Washington wants it to go," Pulju said.

Pulju said he supports abortion rights and opposes vaccines mandates. He said social media companies should be held legally liable for what's posted on their services. Pulju believes the War on Drugs was a mistake that should be ended.

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