PGP Senate Candidate opposes Wyden’s Support for Legislation that Violates Free Speech!

Democracy Now! reports that anti-free speech legislation that Ron Wyden spearheaded in support of Israel and against the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, is heading to the US Supreme Court for judicial review.

The American Civil Liberties Union has taken the case of an Arkansas newspaper publisher that is suing the State of Arkansas over the paper’s free speech right. A state law that compels one to be silent about the Israel boycott may be overturned.

“One of the casualties of the anti-BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction [Israel]) movement that Ron Wyden has fervently supported, is free speech. Wyden is stuck between his support for Israel and the moral and political problem of the Palestinian people being subject to a form of apartheid rule under the Israeli occupation,” said Dan Pulju, Pacific Green Party Candidate for US Senate. “Wyden supports legislation that helps Israel sustain the occupation but this violates the US Constitution.”

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KATU interviews U.S. Senate candidate Dan Pulju - Pacific Green Party

Dan Pulju for Senate

Pacific Green Party candidate Dan Pulju is running for the U.S. Senate. He was interviewed by KATU

WHO ARE YOU? I'm a working-class Oregonian, University of Oregon graduate, poll interviewer, and seasoned anti-war activist and party organizer.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? I'm fed up with Federal government corruption, and I'm determined to do something about it.

WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUELY QUALIFIED TO BE A UNITED STATES SENATOR?  I'm an anti-war activist with a deep and thorough understanding of our hegemony-based foreign policy and how it has eroded our rights and prosperity here at home. I'm an outsider, not part of the two-party system and I can't be bought.

AS A U.S. SENATOR, HOW WILL YOU HELP OREGONIANS WITH THE IMPACTS OF INFLATION?  Our economic troubles began more than two years ago with the misguided responses to Covid, and they continue because of Joe Biden's reckless trade war. We need to stop intervening in the Ukraine war and let global trade return to normal.  Inflation is our most pressing issue, and the main focus of my campaign is helping people understand we can end it quickly by ending this trade war. The Fed keeps raising rates but that keeps failing to work, and won't unless we sink into a recession.

WHAT WILL YOU DO TO HELP OREGONIANS WITH THE IMPACT OF HIGH GAS PRICES?  Ending the trade war will quickly lower gas prices. Attempting stimulus payments or other subsidies is the last thing that would lower prices. We are already in the backwash of the massive stimulus outlays during the coronavirus lockdowns.  This question appears to be about gasoline, but if Washington implements its plan to start exporting LNG to Europe to replace Russian gas from the damaged Nord Stream pipelines, natural gas prices will likely increase here. There may even be shortages. There is an enormous disparity between corporate interests and the genuine public interest.

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Eugene Register-Guard Candidate Profile of Dan Pulju

U.S. Senate race: Republican, minor party candidates hoping to unseat incumbent Wyden

Adam Duvernay, Register-Guard
October 2, 2022·9 min read

Dan Pulju, a 51-year-old poll interviewer from Eugene, is running for the U.S. Senate on the Pacific Green Party ticket.

As a minor-party candidate with about $1,000 in total donations to his campaign, Pulju said he doesn't expect to win the race but is hopeful even moderate success will help Oregonians move toward leaving behind the two-party system.

"The win is to get a significant percentage of the vote that gets people actually interested in believing that they can win. There's a psychological problem among American voters where they feel like they have no choice but to vote for one of the two major parties," Pulju said. "I'm trying to get 5% this year. Maybe someone gets 7% or 10% next year."

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