Modified Consensus

The following process is recommended for use by Pacific Green Party members in conducting meetings and conventions where proposals regarding party business are to be presented and voted upon.  Here is a handy cheat sheet suitable for printing, it is intended to be printed double-sided and cut into four flyers.


  • Convener
  • Facilitator / Stack keeper
  • Note Taker
  • Time Keeper
  • Voting Member: Supporting Members who have attended one prior meeting

Ground Rules

  • Please not to interrupt other speakers
  • One person speaks at a time
  • Raise hand to get on the stack to speak
  • All ideas have value
  • Participate
  • Be respectful
  • Stay on topic

Decision/Discussion Process

  • Proposal is made 
  • Discussion follows
  • Test for consensus (twinkle) > done
  • No consensus, conduct another discussion to resolve blocks or stand asides
  • Another test for consensus (twinkle) > done
  • A vote may be called to override a block 
  • or proposal may be amended or withdrawn
  • Point of process takes priority. Call out vibes. If time limit is reached test for ex tending time, or conclude discussion.

Suggested Meeting Agenda

  • Agree facilitator, note taker
  • Agree time keeper & time limit (5 min?)
  • Ground Rules / Introductions / Check ins
  • Quorum? Agree Agenda Items
  • Action reports / Old business
  • Announcements / New business
  • Agree next meeting venue / date / time