Supporting Member status

Bylaws Article III - Membership

A) For purposes of voting on Green Party matters at the conventions (particularly candidates and bylaw changes) a Supporting Green Party member shall be defined as any person registered as a Green Party member at the Secretary of State who also contributed either:

1) the equivalent of 30 minutes a month for three months in volunteer time with a local chapter, which can include participation at a meeting, campaigning or organizing. Contributions do not include discussions on social media; and/or

2) the equivalent amount in financial contributions based on a living wage based on the following calculator:

Registration with the secretary of state and either type of contribution must have been fulfilled 30 days prior to the date of the convention and during the 395 days prior, i.e. the year preceding the qualification date. 

Anyone desiring to take exercise their vote in a convention must be credentialed by her/his local chapter or representatives, or by the SCC if there were no recognized local chapter or representatives.

If a person does not meet the criteria, they can still participate at a convention but cannot vote at that convention.

B) People who are not supporting members may attend meetings, but can not vote.

C) A supporting member may begin to vote at the second meeting they attend.

D) Notwithstanding the above, any member may attend party conventions and may vote in the nomination of candidates for public office.