Date Change: Convention in Portland now 14 Aug 2016


A Nominating Convention for the Pacific Green Party has been re-scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 14, in Portland's Woodstock  Public Library 6008 SE 49th Ave from noon until 4 p.m.

We have a tentative agenda, click read more for details.


Tentative Agenda Pacific Green Party State Convention

Time: Sunday, August 14, noon-4 pm

Place: Multnomah Public Library, Woodstock Branch, 6008 SE 49 th Ave. at Woodstock Blvd.,
Portland OR 97206 (about a mile east of Reed College) 503-988- 5399


Update on Benton County ranked choice voting initiative

Update on national convention

Initiative Petition 65 - Oregonians for High School Success Initiative - consideration for endorsement. IP65 would mandate funds be allocated for vocational/technical education in high schools.  More information is available on IP65 website.

Candidate nominations for consideration:

  • Bob Goldberg, Green Party Candidate for U.S. House District 1 (northwest Oregon)
  • James Ofsink, Non-Affiliated Voter for OR Senate District 21 (southeast of Portland)
  • Vince Portlano (Democrat) and Fergus McLean (Independent),for  OR House District 7 (Lane/Douglas Counties)

Election of Presidential Electors for electoral college

Scheduling of next convention

(As of 07/11/16)

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