Who Can Do What?

The table below explains the power of various bodies within the Pacific Green Party to make official party nominations and endorsements.

Desired Action Can a state convention take this action? Can the state coordinating committee take this action? Can a chapter take this action?
Endorse ballot measures and ballot measure initiatives Local measure There is no rule or recent precedent on this matter. Yes, by precedent. (Decision #2000-086, ~8/16/00.) Yes.*
Statewide measure Yes, by longstanding precedent. (Example: Decision #2001-032, 2/24/01.) Only when specifically authorized to do so by a prior convention. (Decision #2001-108, 10/13/01.) Technically yes, but such an endorsement would require the cooperation of every chapter.*
Endorsenonpartisancandidates for public office Local office Yes. (Bylaws article IX (A)(1)(a).)

When not otherwise decided by the coordinating committee, nominations and endorsements
can be held up to 2 years in advance of the public election date. (Decision #2001-060, section I(D)(1)(b), 6/9/01.)

There is no rule or recent precedent on this matter. Yes.*
Statewide office No. (Bylaws article IX (A)(1)(a).) No. (Bylaws article IX (A)(1)(a).)
EndorseĀ partisancandidates for public office Local office No. (Bylaws article IX (A)(1)(a).) No. (Bylaws article IX (A)(1)(a).)
Statewide office
Nominate people to run forĀ partisanpublic office as Pacific Green Party candidates Local office
Statewide office

* The chapter endorsement may not contradict an existing endorsement made by another chapter. Also, before making an endorsement, the
chapter must coordinate with any other chapters that also overlap the relevant voting district. (Bylaws article XVI (M) and (N).)
Endorsements must be reported to the state CC within ten working days and to the statewide memebership at the next convention. (Bylaws
article IX (A)(1)(a).)