Darryl Cherney running for Green Party Presidential nomination



I am deciding now if I'll run for the Green Party Presidential nomination. Many deadlines are approaching. I am requesting that state parties provide me information on the requirements for earning delegates and/or qualifying for a primary. Please read my revised platform/manifesto and "like" my facebook page

I need your signatures here to achieve recognition from the GPUS as a candidate. I seek your input now!

My platform is below the fold.

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Speech by noted author and activist Chris Hedges to our neighboring Green Party of Orange County on September 20, 2015.

America’s Big Election Night


Photo and Article by Blair Bobier

Although a number of important—and under-reported—elections just took place in the U.S., the election that might ultimately matter most to Americans happened last month in Canada. There, the Liberal Party executed an ’08 Obama-like ousting of the governing Conservative Party.

Three aspects of the Canadian election are particularly notable and inspiring—if not downright revolutionary. One is the Liberal Party’s promise to change Canada’s winner-take-all elections; two is the re-election to Parliament of Green Party leader Elizabeth May; and three, is the inclusive Cabinet appointed by the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

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German Greens support protection for Snowden

snowden_2015.jpg   The European Parliament narrowly adopted a nonbinding but nonetheless forceful resolution on 29 October 2015 urging the 28 nations of the European Union to recognize Edward J. Snowden as a “whistle-blower and international human rights defender” and shield him from prosecution. “It’s the first time a Parliament votes to ask for this to be done — and it’s the European Parliament,” said Mr. Albrecht, a German lawmaker with the Greens political bloc.  Click here to read the full article.

U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop War to Overthrow Assad

Tulsi Gabbard - a Democrat from Hawaii and member of the Armed Services Committee - demonstrates great knowledge and courage to go against the grain in the US and explain the Syria situation along with Russian and US roles the way it is. 

President Obama commits an aggressive Act of War


President Obama is sending troops into Syria.  This deployment has neither the approval of the Syrian government nor approval from Congress as required by the U.S. Constitution.  The deployment is unconstitutional and an aggressive act of war. The U.S. also has no authority from the United Nations Security Council to invade Syria and thus is committing a war crime which is considered a "grave breach" of international law".  Following World War II Japanese and German leaders were hanged for such grave breaches.  

Where are the antiwar protestors?

Oregon reaches $5,000 matching contributions for Jill Stein!

Jill_Stein_2015.jpg   Great news for Jill Stein's campaign for President 2016!  As of October 26 Oregon joins 7 other states (CA, WA, NY, MA, MD, IL, and Fl) in raising over $5,000 in individual contributions up to $250.  Another 12 states are now needed to reach the $5,000 goal for Jill Stein to qualify for Federal Matching funds.

Ralph Nader on Left/Right Coalitions Against the Empire


A must watch video interview of Ralph Nader posted on Antiwar.com.  Tommy Raskin recently got a chance to discuss American militarism and antiwar politics with Ralph and the Center for Study of Responsive Law created this video in affiliation with the Amherst Political Union.  Click here to view the video.

New Canadian Leader Pledges Electoral Reform - RCV Oregon

Justin_Trudeau.jpg   "The new incoming Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has pledged to do away with plurality elections. Plurality elections are used in most elections across both Canada and the United States. In a plurality election the candidate with the most votes wins, even if it is not a majority of the votes."  Click here to read the full article written by Alan Zundel, member Lane Greens chapter.

Canada Needs 'Reset of Relations' With Russia - Green Party Candidate


“We need to scale down the Cold War rhetoric with Russia… Russia's assistance will be necessary in dealing with global terrorism. We should reboot our relationship with the Russians,” Adam Smith, Green Party candidate in the upcoming elections, told Sputnik.  For that matter, so does the U.S. and NATO.  Click this link for the full article.