Statement of Principles - Bylaws Article II

The Pacific Green Party recognizes that our society and government are plagued by inequality, militarism, poverty, and pollution. We envision and strive to create a local-based grassroots democracy that will overcome these societal ills.

We declare that all People, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that all power is inherent in the People, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such a manner as they may think proper.

The Pacific Green Party strives for cultural diversity and gender balance and believes in a limited government whose legitimate functions include:

  • ensuring equal rights for all regardless of race, sex, ideology, philosophy/religion, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities or economic status;
  • ensuring that basic human needs, food, shelter, health care and education, are met;
  • promoting an economic structure that creates opportunities for meaningful work;
  • maintaining and restoring the natural environment for its own sake as well as for future generations;
  • promoting energy conservation and the immediate development of renewable and non-polluting energy sources;
  • addressing the struggle of Native Peoples, African-Americans, and other ethnic communities who have suffered as a result of government policy in the U.S.;
  • ensuring the right to privacy, including, but not limited to, the right to reproductive choice;
  • promoting an open, accessible, and truly democratic electoral process.
  • achieving peace, justice and a sustainable environment will require that people work within present institutions while simultaneously creating new ones. The Pacific Green Party respects the diversity of approaches necessary to attain these goals.

The Pacific Green Party has been created because of the inability or unwillingness of existing parties to address the fundamental problems of our region and the legitimate needs and aspirations of its people. We accept the challenge of infusing the present system with accountability, justice, future focus and ecological wisdom.

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