Fair Redistricting Task Force developing innovative nonpartisan proposal

SALEM, OR — Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is convening the Fair Redistricting Task Force with broad stakeholder engagement across the political spectrum. Pacific Green Party leader and political science university scholar Alan Zundel, Ph.D. will serve as Task Force Administrator to help the group build consensus on the best proposal to achieve fair and objective legislative and congressional redistricting.
“I don't underestimate the challenge we face, but I share the common desire to make our redistricting process as fair as possible,” Zundel said.
Former Democratic Secretary of State Phil Keisling will provide input to the task force, which includes Senator Tim Knopp, Representatives Jeff Barker, Julie Parrish, Knute Buehler and Dallas Heard along with Independent Party leader Sal Peralta, Progressive Party leader Dan Meek, Pacific Green Party leader Seth Woolley and the League of Women Voters.
“Oregonians deserve fair and objective legislative and congressional districts,” Richardson said. “We need to make the redistricting process nonpartisan. This transparent task force will help move Oregon toward that objective.”
The task force meets Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. throughout February and March. Today's meeting will take place at the State Capitol in Hearing Room C and will be accessible via video livestream for Oregonians across the state.
"We are sending an open invitation to all interested Oregonians to participate in this process," Richardson said. Everyone is welcome to email Alan Zundel with their input.