2024 Petition, Candidates & Campaigns

How to find out which races are up for election?

Click here for a list of county election offices at the end of the document.  In some cases your local will list the offices, but most likely you will need to contact your local county election office

What are the various deadlines for filing?

Click here for a list of key dates  to file, both as a candidate, for the the voter's pamphlet, etc.

Click here for a list of key dates, Portland and Multnomah Co

Link to the Secretary of State page election's page for complete information about requirements, filings, etc.

What does it take to run an effective campaign?

Click here for a great PowerPoint presentation on how to organize for an effective Campaign

Join the campaigns committee email list and organizing platform

Seeking the Green Party Nomination or Endorsement? 

Please fill this form if you are planning to run for office and send an email to [email protected].  One of our volunteers, will contact you.  The Campaigns Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of the month, 8:00 pm.  Here is a our current Endorsement flowchart; we are in the process of reviewing it.

Petition Drives for the 2024 ballot

IP9 and IP8 - Implements Campaign Finance Reform - Honest-Elections.org

Meaningful Campaign Finance Reform rests on a three-legged stool

  1. 1) Disclosure of large donors in Independent Expenditures (paid political ads)
  2. 2) Meaningful limits of funds received and disbursed for political campaigns - many technicalities in this
  3. 3) Public Matching Funds for elections

Measure 107 passed with 82% voter approval in 2022; amending the Oregon Constitution to allow for campaign finance limits.  The legislature did not do anything and later the Secretary of State, a Democrat supported by Labor, threw out the petition drive to implement campaign finance reform in 2022.

IP17 - Creates an Independent Redistricting Commission - Peoplenotepoliticiansoregon.com

New Districts were approved in 2022, in less than ideal manners.  This is why we need an Independent Redistricting Commission.  Additional links:

IP14 - Taxes the largest corporations and rebate every Oregonian - Oregonrebate.org

This exciting initiative would bring large amounts of funding to rural communities, by putting the money in people's hands.  Corporations are not paying their share; so we are going to demand a rebate from Oregon sales of the largest corporations be brought back to the state, to support infrastructure and vibrant local economies.  Link to their site to help collect signatures for this and Campaign Finance Reform 

Links to your representatives and bills

Here is a list of some of the bills we supported and wrote testimony for in 2023

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