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ACTION ALERT - Campaign Finance Reform - May 19, 5:30-6:30

In spite of wide support for HB3343, which provides meaningful, reasonable and straight forward campaign finance reform, moneyed interests (business, unions and some 501.c.4s) are trying to "negotiate" to pass a bill that has more loopholes than Swiss Cheese

The Honest Elections Campaign, including the Green Party, are organizing a Rally in support of our champions for Campaign Finance Reform, Rep. Salinas and Senator Golden, as well as some of the other 21 sponsors of HB 3343.  YES!  You heard it, 21 sponsors yet we do not hear anything about this bill.

Let's raise a glass and toast these true representatives of We The People - and make it really uncomfortable for those hanging on to the failed HB 2680.

Join us Wed May 19, 5:30-6:30pm

Who is leading on campaign finance reform, who’s not

and why your own leadership could tip the balance!

Here is the testimony submitted on behalf of the Green Party at the meeting last week

Here are the tables comparing the Swiss Cheese HB 2680 Limits Table with true Campaign Finance Reform HB 3343 limits table


Regarding other bills pending in the legislature, here are excellent resources:

Sources of information on current bills

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