Candidates & Campaigns

Click here for a list of races and key dates for the 2022 election cycle 

List compiled by volunteer Kenny Kearns, with key races, dates and links to get the information you need to run for office

Click here for a great PowerPoint presentation on how to organize for an effective Campaign

Join the campaigns committee email list and organizing platform

Seeking the Green Party Endorsement? 

Please fill this form.  One of our volunteers, from either the state or local will contact you.  

Thank you for running, thank you for your interest!

Redistricting, click here for full info from the League of Women Voters site

Additional links:

Very informational video of webinar on redistricting by the LWV  

-- kepw: Redistricting maps released for public comment; co-chair claims Eugene ‘silences rural voices’

-- Washington Post article: (needs subscription)

Campaign Finance Reform

Measure 107 passed with 78% voter approval.  The legislature did not act upon that mandate because there are too many vested interests in the current status quo.

So we are taking matters into our hands and the Honest-Elections coalition is about to launch a petition drive to place a measure on the ballot for 2022

Sign in now to collect signatures


This exciting initiative would bring large amounts of funding to rural communities, by putting the money in people's hands.  Corporations are not paying their share; so we are going to demand a rebate from Oregon sales of the largest corporations be brought back to the state, to support infrastructure and vibrant local economies.

Link to their site to help collect signatures for this and Campaign Finance Reform


Links to your representatives and bills

Regarding bills pending in the legislature, here are excellent resources:

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