Statement of Candidacy Form - Elected Office 

(Form to register your interest to run for office or seek an endorsement)


The Pacific Green Party of Oregon endorses the following initiatives:

We encourage everyone to print the petitions, collect signatures and contribute to place them on the ballot:

- Honest Elections Initiative

- Oregon's People Rebate

- Psilocybin Therapy Oregon, IP34

- Universal Preschool Now (Multnomah county)


Support our Great 2020 Nominees!!!

US Senate:  Ibrahim Taher

Oregon Secretary of State:  Nathalie Paravicini

US Congress, District 3: Alex DiBlasi 

US Congress, District 4: Daniel Hoffay

Oregon House of Representatives, District 17: Tim Dehne

Oregon House of Representatives, District 23: Alex Polikoff

Benton County Commission: Mike Beilstein

Oregon Treasurer: Chris Henry (co-nomination)