Strategic Planning

In October, Felipe Lora and John Q. Murray created an initial survey to poll greens about priorities for 2024-2026.  The purpose of the plan is to become proactive, identify candidates, and fundraise effectively.  This is the starting point, not the endpoint of strategic planning.  Now WE NEED YOU to take part in creating the plan and leading key initiatives.  "Many hands make for Light Work" and more fun!

We will be planning longer in-person meetings to further flesh-out the plan, meet each other, and build a grassroots-driven party.

This does not exclude local cells from making their own plans and driving their own actions; it is a grassroots-led effort to provide coordination and resources to support local organizing.  We are in the process of revising bylaws; please go to the youtube channel to watch some of the discussions.  Final proposals will be presented for the upcoming convention in January.

Regarding Strategic Planning

Top priority is to recruit, support and elect more candidates

Survey Results (click to go to the document)

A group of folk, led by Felipe Lora, Devon Lawson McCourt and John Q Murray (and previous work by a women' caucus) are proposing an initial draft for a Green Plan 2024-2026 linked here

Devon Lawson McCourt proposed a number of strategies/plans

The Campaigns and Strategy committee meets online on the first Sunday of the month, 10:00 am (link) - meet others, and join the effort.

A video of recent meetings will be available on our YouTube channel (forthcoming)