Coquille, OR - Pacific Green Party to Address Climate Change & Corporate “Rights” at Fall Convention


Coquille, OR - Pacific Green Party to Address Climate Change & Corporate “Rights” at Fall Convention

The Pacific Green Party is joining forces with local organizations fighting against Climate Change and so-called corporate “rights” at its Fall Convention in Coquille, October 19. The convention will be held at the Owen Building, Adams and 2nd Street in Coquille, from 10am-4pm with the morning dedicated to internal matters and the afternoon open to the public for information sharing and strategizing.

The afternoon program will include a community rights roundtable and brain-storming session with

Mary Geddry and Pattie Gouveia from Coos County, Debra Fant from Lincoln County and Nancy Ward from Columbia County

Coos County is one of the most ecologically abused counties in Oregon with more than 700K acres subject to harmful aerial spraying, as well as the proposed greenhouse gas emitting Jordan Cove LNG project. Currently, activists are working on ordinances for the rights of nature and the right to rest and shelter to protect the houseless from harassment for trying to survive.

The brain-storming session will also be attended by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Executive Director of Move to Amend, who is in the midst of a national campaign to intensify the debate over the nature and role of corporations in our body politic.

This coming together is in-line with what others have initiated elsewhere – women of all stripes and sectors of society are linking efforts to stop and reverse the trend in Climate Change – which will only come with a profound restructuring of society.  Our governing bodies must serve and protect the most vulnerable and voiceless first (children, women, the poor, nature) and not “the economy” or corporate privilege.

To that effect the Green Party is embarking on an ambitious organizing effort to create the needed connections through electoral campaigns in 2020.

A social event will follow in the evening, please contact for the location, since it will be held in a private residence.

For more information or to register for the event (recommended), please visit

Pacific Green Party of Oregon * PO Box 1606 * Eugene, OR 97440 * * (541) 516-6059

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