Candidate Slate focused on Campaign Finance Reform and Antiwar messaging

The Pacific Green Party nominated the top of its ticket, with candidates focused on Campaign Finance Reform and Antiwar positions.

At the 1st Nominating Convention held June 4th 2022, Pacific Green Party members nominated the top of the ticket with candidates focused on campaign finance reform and antiwar messages.

“The amount of money flooding elections this year in Oregon has become obscene and absurd” said candidate for Governor Nathalie Paravicini, ND.  “Oregon is one of only 11 states with no campaign finance limits, even though 82% of Oregonians voted in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing for campaign limits in 2020; so far every effort has been defeated by insiders.  No wonder experts say this year's governor's race will be the most expensive in history.  I am running for governor to offer voters an alternative to the major candidates who are all feeding from the same trough of big money."

In addition to Paravicini, the Green Party nominated Dan Pulju for US Senate and Mike Beilstein for Congressional District 4.  Both candidates are motivated by the disproportionate spending on the military industrial complex and the great harm done not only to people in Yemen or Ukraine, but also in the fight to address the looming crisis of Climate change.

“The USA spends more on the military than the next 10 countries combined, but is unable to provide basic healthcare, nutrition, housing and educational support for its people.  It is also failing to invest in the infrastructure improvements needed to address the ongoing climate disaster,” says Beilstein, who was a Corvallis City Councilor for 12 years.

“I was not planning on running for office this election, but the escalation of war in Ukraine, to the point of risking a nuclear confrontation, convinced me that I need to use this platform to counter the war propaganda disseminated by our political and media leaders.  I am ashamed that the entire Congressional delegation voted for $40 billion to increase the level of violence in Ukraine.  There are no voices from the so-called "Congressional Progressive Caucus" calling for negotiation and de-escalation.” 

Dan Pulju, a long time antiwar activist who covers war in a radio program Body Count which airs on KEPW is running against Senator Ron Wyden, who has proposed legislation to criminalize the Boycott and Divest Movement against the government of Israel because of its Apartheid-like treatment of Palestinians.  "Suppression of the BDS movement is a clear violation of our freedoms of speech and association. Our massive military aid to Israel, Ukraine, and elsewhere in pursuit of global hegemony causes suffering both abroad and at home. Our government exports harm and violence while neglecting our welfare, infrastructure and disregarding our most fundamental rights."

“The Pacific Green Party will now focus on recruiting a full slate of candidates for local office,” says Amanda Trujillo, who is leading the party’s Campaigns Committee.  “We need action that is much bolder than what the two corporate parties are proposing.  We have both rapidly changing climate conditions and growing socioeconomic inequity with most people struggling to make ends meet in America.”

The Pacific Green Party will have a second Nominating Convention on Saturday July 30th.  We invite interested residents to register Green, become involved and consider running for office under the Green Party ticket.  If interested please go to

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