2023 Campaigns

Photo by Kat Brezler

Most races in 2023 will be for local board, county and city elections.

As of January 10, 2023 the lists of offices open for election were not yet available from local election offices.  We encourage you to contact your local county, election office, and request the current list - then send it to [email protected] - we will be listing those below.

We have already identified a couple of races we want to support, Those will also be listed here.

RUN FOR OFFICE - it is the BEST platform to reach out to voters and challenge the status quo.

School board elections are key, as there is a concerted agenda to erase information about the racist past of the United States and Oregon; and to erase the existence of non-binary folk.

Several organizations are also active locally, and may have already identified great candidates we can support.  That is also a great way to learn how to run an efective race.

This year we are also helping to launch a WagePeace antiwar coalition with like-minded organizations like Codepink and World Beyond Wars - this is an intersectional struggle that deeply affects the poor, BIPOC communities, women and children the most.  Several actions are being considered.  Meetings for those are held in Portland and via zoom on Wednesdays 6pm (for now, times may change)

The Campaigns committee meets on the 2nd Monday of the month, in portland and via zoom.

If you want to attend in person - please email [email protected] for the address

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