21 May 2016 Pacific Green Party Nominating Convention Minutes

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PGP Spring Convention, Saturday May 21, 2016
Location: Westminster House, 101 NW 23rd at Monroe, Corvallis OR 97330

The convention began at approximately 10:30 am.

In attendance: Alan Zundel, John Thielking, Randy Prince, Seth Wooley, Tim Dehne, Bobbi Hall,
George Hutchinson, Larry Weymouth, Suzia Aufderheide, Charles Newlin, Alex Polikoff, and
Emma Lugo. Teria Tetz Hall, a recent transplant from California, came with Randy Prince as an
observer. Joe Rowe and Scott Green arrived shortly after 11 am, and Mike Beilstein and Blair
Bobier around 12:30. Jeffrey Goodwin, an Independent Party candidate for the Oregon
legislature, also arrived late in the morning.

George facilitated the convention, Alan took minutes and Tim kept notes as a backup. Each
member gave a brief self-introduction. The agenda was reviewed and agreed to.
10:50: Alan’s proposal to reduce size of State Coordinating Committee from seven to five
members was taken up. Larry proposed retaining four members as the number needed for a
quorum; this amendment passed by consensus. The proposal to reduce the SCC then passed
unanimously. Alan proposed that the reduction in the SCC be accomplished by attrition: as
members resign or their terms expire they would not be replaced until the size of the SCC drops
below five. This also passed by consensus.

11:05: Initiatives:
1. George presented an update on the Community Rights initiative.
2. Several members contributed to an update on the Health Care for All initiative and
legislation actions related to it.
3. Seth presented on two campaign finance reform initiatives, one for Multnomah
County and one statewide. Emma moved to endorse both, Alex seconded, passed by
4. Seth also spoke on the No Fake Emergencies initiative. Alan moved to endorse, Alex
seconded, passed by consensus.
5. Alan presented on the Benton County Ranked Choice Voting initiative. Charles
moved to endorse, Scott seconded, passed by consensus

12:15: Delegate selection for national convention. There was an extensive discussion of the
method we would use for delegate selection and assignment to Presidential candidates.
Eventually the members agreed by consensus to use a form of single-transferable voting. A few
members gave statements in support of or on behalf of various Presidential candidates.
Members then voted with ranked choice balloting.

1:15: Convention adjourned for lunch.

2:35: Afternoon session began. Blair and Bobbi were no longer present. Ed Hemmingson arrived
sometime in the afternoon and left before the convention closed. Delbert McComb arrived
about 4 pm. Randy, Teria, and Emma left shortly after 4:15.
Seth announced the results of the balloting: 2 delegates allocated to Jill Stein, 1 allocated to
Sedinam Moywasifza Curry, and 1 uncommitted.

2:45: Candidate nominations:

Jeffrey Goodwin, Independent Party nominee for Oregon House Distirct 17, made a
statement asking for the PGP nomination as a fusion candidate. Several members asked
questions. Vote was taken: 11-4 against nomination.

Eric Navikas for U.S. Senate. Emma made a statement in favor of the nomination and
there was discussion. Vote was taken: 13-1 in favor of nomination.

Alan Zundel for Oregon Secretary of State. Alan made a statement. Unanimous vote in
favor of nomination.

Michael Meo for U.S. House District 3. Neither Michael nor a spokesperson was present.
Unanimous vote to table the request for nomination.

Mike Beilstein for U.S. House District 4. Mike made a statement. Unanimous vote in
favor of nomination.

Alex Polikoff for Oregon House District 23. Alex made a statement. Unanimous vote in
favor of nomination.

Joe Rowe for Oregon House District 44. Joe made a statement. Unanimous vote in favor
of nomination.

Tim Dehne for Benton County Commission. Tim made a statement. Unanimous vote in
favor of nomination.

There were no reports from chapters on nominations for non-partisan offices.

4:30: Scheduling of next convention, and decision of whether to hold another nominating
convention this year, were deferred to State Coordinating Committee by consensus.
Adjournment approximately 4:35.

Minutes submitted by Alan Zundel, State Secretary of Pacific Green Party, May 27, 2016