Agenda Proposal Deadline for April 2019 Convention

The Next PGP Convention will be coming up April 14 in Bend, with a women's caucus event on the 13th. More details on that soon!

This is a reminder that all proposals to change the PGP mission statement, statement of principles, bylaws, or constitution must be received by the coordinating committee 30 days before the convention, i.e. March 15 (Caesar beware! :D) Other agenda proposals should also be received by then, though final decisions on the agenda are made at the convention itself.
Per the bylaws, please include with your proposal:
"- the background of the issue in question,
- the current situation, needs or problems,
- options considered as solutions (if any) and why they were rejected,
- the full text of the proposal,
- an explanation of how the proposal would meet the current needs or problems,
- any supplementary documentation needed to understand the proposal,
- name and contact information for the item sponsor,
- indication of whether the item is being presented for introduction, discussion, and/or decision; if it is being presented for decision, how urgent it is that the decision be made at the next available opportunity; and clear justification for this urgency."
Proposals can be sent to the scc list server, They may not appear immediately if posts are being held for moderation, but the time stamp will show whether they're in on time. 

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