Convention Minutes August 2004

Pacific Green Party Convention 
August 14, 2004

Cramer Hall, Portland State University 

Attendance: 35 

Facilitator: Lori Burton 

Recorder of minutes: Monica Schreiber 

1) Intro & Facilitator’s Box: Lori 

2) Approval of agenda: approved 

3) Minutes of last convention: not included in convention packet; no vote to accept taken. 

4) Nomination Vote 
Explanation of nomination process: Peter Drake, elections administrator 
Further PGP nominations asked for 
Pavel Goberman: nominating himself from the floor, submitted request for nomination 
Seth Wooley- nominating committee-debated over the e-mail whether to accept Pavel’s nomination 
A) rejected on the basis had he had tried to run on Republican ticket 
B) had lost on “none of the above” in 2002 
Sore loser law doesn’t apply; this office is different from U.S. Senate. 
Peter Drake: nominating committee is empowered to make the decision. 
Nomination is rejected. 

Teresa Keane: submitted forms to and approved by elections committee 
Asking for show of support from attendees: money and volunteers 
Has taken leave of absence from job 
Has no political experience 
Will run on Green Party platform against David Wu, U.S. House, District 1 
Issues to address: universal health care 
health care for mentally ill 
Health care for prison inmates 
Living wage 
Foreign policy - peace 
Needs $1,000.00 for voter’s pamphlet 
Will be a full-time candidate 
Will build own team, raise own money, execute own plan 
Will work as a team with other candidates (from other parties) 
Will exploit differences, is clear on principles 

Voting results: registered Greens vote for Oregon 1st congressional district: 
23 votes - Teresa Keane 
2 votes - Pavel Goberman 

Decision item___: Teresa Keane receives the nomination for 1st Congressional District 

5) Safe States Strategy: Lloyd Marbet presents opposition for this strategy from Oregon, and revisit decision #2004-027 from Feb 2004 — convention support of Green Party of the U.S. presidential results for Oregon ballot. 
Lloyd: willing to put out ballot mailing to all state members; commitment to including all PGP members in convention decisions. 
Greg Kafoury: advocates rejecting safe states strategy 

Proposed Resolution 2: Pacific Green Party of Oregon rejects any Safe State Strategy and calls upon all state Green parties to do the same. We call on all voters to reject any candidate that does not oppose the Iraqi War. 
Proposed Resolution 1: (offered by Blair Bobier): Pacific Green Party encourages National Green Party candidates to run vigorously in Oregon and in all states regardless of projected electoral outcome. 

Process debate- concern that a vote is being taken without attention to the decision of the prior convention 
Call for stand asides: Jeff Cropp, Paul Thiers, Jeff Strang 
Jeff Cropp- Proposed Declaration 1 is arrogant and negative 
Paul Thiers- we are going from a more representative process to a process of a few people that are here at this convention 
Jeff Strang- supports Proposed Declaration 1 and agrees with Jeff Cropp’s argument; Proposed Declaration 2 is telling rest of parties what to do 
Block: Peter Drake — wants to keep safe states strategy; this current decision is not the will of the party as a whole. He agrees to Declarations 1 and 2, but is against the process of adopting it at this convention; this is a moral issue for him. 
More discussion: It was decided to combine both resolutions and reach a decision using both 
2nd call of issue: Stand asides- Curt Sommer, Mitch Besser, Jeff Strang, Paul Thiers, Peter Drake, George Hutchinson 
Block: Ron Brandstetter — does not believe this statement represents the greater Pacific Green Party 
Call for vote: 29 total eligible to vote 
10-for 6-abstentions 7-against passes- over 51% for. 

Decision Item___: Resolution: The Pacific Green Party encourages National Green Party candidates to run vigorously in Oregon and in all states regardless of projected electoral outcome. The Pacific Green Party of Oregon rejects any Safe State Strategy and calls upon other parties to do the same. We call on all parties to reject any candidate that does not oppose the Iraqi War. 

Circulated: petitions for Nader on Oregon Ballot 

6) Lunch 

7) Initiatives on November Ballot 

Brief introduction and proposed support/non-support 

#33- amends medical marijuana act 
one stand aside: Greg Kern - extraneous issue, evasive, not a pain medication 

Decision Item___: #33 - The Pacific Green Party supports Measure 33 

#34- requires balancing timber production, resources conservation/preservation in managing state forests: specifically addresses two forests 
discussion: proviso: condemnation of clear cuts 
impact on watershed 
support rather than lose the whole forest 
go out of fear- if don’t do this won’t have any forest 
can’t avoid affecting the watershed 
large environmental organizations: want to show they are doing something for the environment 
who to align with if we support this? 

Decision Item___: #34 - Pacific Green Party supports Measure 34 with provisions to be crafted by the Central Coordinating Committee in consultation with Tim Hermach and Joe Keating 
vote- 18 total votes 7 stand asides: Steve Geiger, Paul Loney, Liz Trojan, Lloyd Marbet, Curt Sommer, Chris Henry, Seth Wooley 

Decision Item___: #31 - Pacific Green Party does not support Measure 31; means a no vote 

Decision Item___: #32 - Mobile homes: PGP supports Measure 32, 1 stand aside Teresa Keane 

Decision Item___: #35 - Amends constitution: Limits non-economic damages (defined) recoverable for patient injuries by healthcare provider’s negligence or recklessness, PGP Opposes Measure 35. 

Decision Item___: #36 - Amends constitution: Only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or legally recognized as marriage, PGP Opposes Measure 36. 

Decision Item___: #37 - Governments must pay owners, or forgo enforcement, when certain land use restrictions reduce property value, PGP Opposes Measure 37. 

Decision Item___: #38 - Abolishes SAIF; State must reinsure, satisfy SAIF’s obligations; dedicate proceeds, potential surplus, to public purposes, PGP Opposes Measure 38. 
Action Item***Provision to Central Coordinating Committee: accountable language, SAIF is a service organization, provides and protects health care of all citizens, all workers get health care 

8. What to do to help candidates: 
mailing list of voters, web sites, campaign literature- Party does one piece for all candidates, voter pamphlet statements, bank accounts, political committee PAC treasurer, interviews 

Publicity- Joseph Witt- 503-231-8032 ext 215 
Support demand to be in debates and on panels 
Green Party campaign material: Steve Geiger’s son designed his web page, maybe he can help others. National has a template available for web site, you can update yourself. In-kind donation value: $995. 
Send out photos and press releases together to media; Chuck: media point-person 
Monday, August 23rd- 11am, State Capital- press meeting room. Jeff Strang to call to reserve the space. 

9. Closing and Evaluation 

Do Better 
facilitation slow down when attendees excited or there is contention 
weaving be aware to call on womyn 
participation refreshments 
diversity in the facilitation - teamwork 
speaker for issues 
actual text of initiatives 
more candidate recruitment 
more appeal for diversity in attendees 
more willingness to come to consensus 

Respectfully submitted Aug. 23, 2003: Monica Schreiber