Convention Minutes July 31, 2010

Suzia Aufderheide appointed by Convention to
replace Chris Mason as a national delegate to the GPUS.

Convention nominated Candy Neville as the PGP US Senate after two
hours of discussion. Vote was by consensus. A consideration of a run
for Governor was discussed and it was decided that a US Senate run was
best for her. Stand-aside: Randy Prince

Convention nominated Mark Callahan for Oregon House District 13.
Vote was by secret ballot, 6 votes for Callahan and 3 votes for NOTA.

Mark Callahan was a prior candidate for the Independent Party Primary.
He has promised to re-register PGP.

Walt Brown announced that he was not running for State Treasurer anymore.

Walt Brown volunteered to help Mark Callahan.

Location was the Metanoia Peace House, 18th and Tillamook, Portland.

Suzia Aufderheide (SCC, new ND)
Seth Woolley (SCC, secretary)
Michael Meo (SCC, 3rd Cong. District)
Chris Henry (ND, facilitator)
Kathy Leonard-Bushman
Terry (Kathy's partner)
Randy Prince (SCC)
Walt Brown
Beverly Brown

Non-voting Attendee:
Candy Neville (Candy promised to register PGP upon her nomination)


Seth Woolley
State Secretary, PGP