December 2018 Convention

Upcoming Convention Salem, December 1 & 2

The Women's Caucus is organizing a campaign skills share and strategy session on Saturday for elections in 2020 (and 2019). Party business and voting will take place on Sunday. Contact to register, please indicate whether you need accommodations, transportation or childcare.

Agenda for Dec. Convention

Venue:  Ike Box, 299 Cottage St NE, Salem, OR  

Saturday Dec. 1st

11am-4pm: Campaign Strategy and skills share sponsored by the women's caucus (space is limited please register on this list).

6:30-11pm: Social at 480 Vista Ave SE, Salem

Sunday Dec. 2:  Business Convention

Note:  Timing is normally set by facilitator(s).  Times are tentative.

9:00:  Doors open;

10:00:  Call to order, attendance, introductions;  name facilitator, notetaker, timekeeper.

10:30:  Assessment of election results.

11:00:  Elect new secretary and 2 SCC members with expiring terms.

11:30:  Chapter recruitment and review.

12:30 - 1:30:  Lunch

1:30:  Proposed bylaws change:  Raise SCC membership back to 7, keep quorum at 4, to facilitate reaching quorum.

2:30:  Treasury, fundraising, expenses.  What can we do to help with fundraising?  Proposal:  set up specific goals, such as outreach to all members.

3:30:  Set date and place for next convention.

4:30:  End.