Nominating Convention Results


Voting results from our Corvallis Nominating Convention held August 9th are in, and we are excited to announce the following nominations:

Christina Lugo - candidate for US Senate

Jason Levin - candidate for Oregon Governor

Art Krueger - candidate for Oregon Senate District 3

More details under the fold.

The convention convened at 10:30AM at the South Coop in Corvallis.  21 people attended. 

Christina Lugo, a Portland-area Green and candidate for US Senate, was nominated by Blair Bobier and seconded by Michael Meo.  She was then endorsed by a full concensus.  Several issues she emphasized are:  opposing further American military involvement overseas, supporting the BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) movement directed at Israel to discourage the Israeli blockade, occupation and military invasions of Gaza, and working to curtail American imperialism in all aspects of our domestic and foreign policy.
Jason Levin, a Portland-area Green and candidate for Governor of Oregon, was nominated by Blair Bobier and simultaneously seconded by Don Barstead and Charles Newlin.  Jason was nominated as the PGP’s Oregon Governor candidate by concensus.  Jason’s issues include increasing state funding for education, continuing to move Oregon towards a Vermont-style single payer medical insurance program, expanding state transportation infrastructure spending (including rail), sustainability (including halting cross-state transshipments of oil, coal and gas for export) and reforming the corporate tax structure to help pay for those needs.
Art Krueger, a Jacksonville-area resident and long time Green, was nominated by Christina Lugo for Oregon Senate District 3 (Jackson County) and seconded by Jason Levin.  A secret ballot was requested.  Art had 15 first line votes, NOTA received four first line votes, making Art the candidate by a significant majority of votes.  Issues he highlighted included sustainability, conservation/land use, funding for expanded medical care and education.
Todd Dalotto, a registered Pacific Green, gave us an update regarding Ballot Measure 91, the Marijuana Legalization initiative.  The convention unanimously concensed, as they had at the June state PGP convention, to endorse this ballot measure.  The convention also reaffirmed unanimous support for Ballot Measure 92--the labelling of GMO ingredients in food items sold in Oregon.  The convention attendees unanimously voted a resounding “NO!” on Ballot Measure 90--the “Top Two” Primary initiative. 
Measure 90: NO
Measure 91: YES
Measure 92: YES
The convention unanimously elected Katherine Hancock, Salem, to a 4-year term on the State Coordinating Committee (SCC).  There is still one vacancy on the SCC which will be addressed in the near future by the six existing SCC members.
The convention attendees unanimously elected George Hutchinson as Pacific Green Party Secretary, replacing outgoing secretary Christina Lugo.
The SCC was charged with setting the Fall PGP convention date (to be scheduled after the November elections).
Meeting was adjourned at 5:10PM.
Respectfully submitted,
George Hutchinson
Pacific Green Party of Oregon