Oppose Jordan Cove LNG Project


Multinational energy interests have plans for a massive fossil fuel infrastructure project called Jordan Cove to send fracked gas from Canada and the Rockies through southern Oregon to the north spit of Coos Bay for export by ships bound for Asia. 

Sign Oregon Wild's petition to stop the Jordan Cove LNG Project.


The Jordan Cove Project - endorsed by Democrat Senator Ron Wyden - would involve construction of a new 230-mile high-pressure pipeline and permanent 95-foot wide clearcut through southwest Oregon’s old-growth forests, salmon-filled rivers, wetlands, and family farms.

This multifaceted project will have so many harmful effects, there are almost too many to list, but they include impacts to our climate, ocean, estuaries, rivers, streams, wetlands, old growth forests, and fish & wildlife, not to mention threat to public safety and private property. There is also a risk of dangerous interactions with natural hazards like fire, floods, landslides, and tsunamis.