Proposed Amendments to Bylaws and Constitution

Listed in Continue Reading are the Constitution and Bylaw changes proposed by Alan Zundel, our party Secretary, for consideration and a vote at our June 11 convention in Salem.

Proposed Changes to PGP Constitution and Bylaws
Summary of Proposals:
1.a. Delete requirement that amendments to Constitution and Bylaws be handled “exclusively” at the annual business convention scheduled between Feb. 1 and July 1. Leave it as a recommendation for amendments to be handled at the business convention, in case there are good reasons to schedule amendments at other conventions.
1.b. Also delete requirement to, “Wherever possible,” submit constitution and bylaw proposals to the convention previous to the business convention for discussion. There are already provisions to submit agenda items in advance of conventions for discussion and consideration.
2. Eliminate requirement that every convention be publicized in three newspapers of record. Instead require that publicizing of conventions conform to state law and use best practical means of giving notice to membership.
3. Change convention scheduling process. End requirement that all of the next year’s conventions’ schedules and locations be decided at the Sept/Oct convention, which has not been followed anyway. Instead require that each convention finalize the date and location of the next convention and set a tentative date and location for the convention following that.
4. Harmonize contradictory Constitution and Bylaw requirements for the number of conventions each year. Keep Constitutional requirement for three conventions and eliminate the Bylaw requirement of at least two. Also make the party local in the city of a convention responsible for finding a venue and preparing the logistics.
5. Change requirement for locals to submit a roster of members from every six months to thirty days before each state convention.
6. Delete superfluous requirement that individual submissions for a convention agenda be submitted to a committee 45 days before the convention. Another section already requires an agenda committee to attempt to include all submissions and allows a deadline for submissions no less than 30 days before a convention.
7. Require that members wishing to observe committee meetings make their request in advance so the committee knows who to notify of scheduled times.
8. Abolish executive committee, which has not been active.
9. Eliminate requirement for state coordinating committee to meet with advisory committee twice annually. Keep provision to meet regularly.
10. Change requirement for delegates to national party to report to state coordinating committee from monthly to at least once every three months.
11. Set up advance registration process for conventions.
12. Allow party to opt in to state primary process if law permits.
13. Drop superfluous word “meeting” in two places mentioning “convention or meeting.”
14. Delete phrase “series of elections” from provision that chapters cannot endorse different candidates for an election. It has no apparent meaning.