Demand OPB include ALL qualified candidates

OPB_Graphic.JPG   OPB sent a response to an inquiry regarding election debates indicating that they are considering NOT including EVERY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE for a given office.  We've sent them a letter in response, and are prepared to take legal action if they proceed scheduling a debate without including a qualified Pacific Green Party candidate.  Full text of letter below the fold.  Do take a moment to contact OPB and share your concerns.
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Jason Levin generates media coverage!


Coverage is from Jason Levin's appearances at two Oregon Governor's debates, one invited, the other not. Way to go Jason!

Statesman Journal          Portland Tribune        Listen to KBOO Interview

Corrente blog                  Register Guard 

Jason Levin crashes Governor's "Debate"

Jason_Levin_OPB.JPG   Pacific Green Party gubernatorial candidate Jason Levin (holding mic in the photo) got online air-time when he strolled into Pamplin Media Group on Monday morning and (quite rightly) demanded to be a part of the scheduled debate between the two corporate party candidates Gov. John Kitzhaber and his challenger, Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point).  Read the OPB report here.  Donate to Jason's campaign here.



Please join candidates Christina Jean Lugo, Pacific Green Party and Raymond Baldwin, Constitiution Party for a minor party candidates US Congressional debate being held at the:
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, Oregon
Sept 24th 2pm Student Center
For more information contact the campaign of
Christina Lugo at

Koch Brothers Funding Top Two Primary

 noonmeasure90.png   The Koch brothers, through their firm Koch Industries, are providing significant funding to a major supporter of Measure 90, the top two primary proposal.  "The Koch brothers join a parade of corporations, corporate executives, and big-time financiers in bankrolling Measure 90," said Seth Woolley of the Pacific Green Party.  "They correctly perceive Measure 90 as a way for the corporations to control Oregon."
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Oregonian excludes Green candidate for Governor


The Oregonian is seeking questions to ask only 2 gubernatorial candidates. It is also reporting on planned debates between only two candidates for governor and only two for U.S. Senator.

This would be a good time to comment on this articles, call the reporters who wrote them, call editors at the Oregonian and WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Democracy only works when voters are fully informed.

There is no reason to discriminate against grassroots, independent candidates.  There is no reason to favor candidates who belong to certain political parties or who accept campaign "contributions" from corporations.  The media should not censor or act as a gatekeeper for the electoral process. Voters should be informed about all candidates and make up their own minds. Please call, comment, write and agitate!

Watcha doing candidate?



Click here to read an excellent interview by Erin Rook.


Pacific Northwest Social Forum


As an enthusiastic co-sponsor of the Pacific Northwest Social Forum we ask members to attend and help outreach to people attending, who are our most natural and resonant base.  


Call our office at  (541) 516-6059 to volunteer.

Demand Police De-militarization

hands_up.JPG   The Pacific Green Party of Oregon expresses solidarity with the good people of Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere, and demands that local police be de-militarized!


Order and wear the button shown to the left, in support of the justice for all.  Button is 1.25" Union printed and made in Detroit.

Governor's Forum 9/27 at Eugene Hilton

2014_09_27_Governors_Forum_Eugene_Hilton.JPG   In some very exciting news, Jason Levin, Pacific Green Party gubernatorial candidate, has been invited by the League of Oregon Cities to participate in their Gubernatorial Candidate Forum on Saturday, 27th September 2014, from noon to 2 p.m., at the Eugene Hilton.  You can find Jason's campaign website here and his facebook page here.