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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 4, 2014

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Measure 90 Fails while 91 Succeeds

First Green Judge Elected

          The Pacific Green Party of Oregon, long at the forefront of social change, is celebrating the beginning of the end of cannabis Prohibition, as well as the resounding rejection of the billionaire-backed top two ballot measure.  Greens are also celebrating the re-election of multi-term Corvallis City Councilor Mike Beilstein and the first election of a Green judge in the history of the state (we think).

            Referring to the defeat of Measure 90 and the passage of Measure 91, party spokesperson Blair Bobier said “more Oregonians agree with the policies and philosophy of the Green Party than any other party.  And now that top two has been rejected overwhelmingly for the second time, despite the millions of dollars behind it, we need to consider real changes to the election system, such as Instant Runoff Voting and public campaign financing.” 

Bobier added that “the Pacific Green Party will file a ballot initiative for Instant Runoff Voting for the 2016 election and I wouldn’t be surprised to see IRV legislation introduced in the upcoming session of the Oregon legislature.”

            One issue where the Greens stand out is opposition to war—in particular the undeclared, endless, illegal war being continually waged by both of the establishment parties.  U.S. Senate candidate Christina Lugo, who was, essentially, banned by organizations from debates and shunned or censored by the corporate media, took a markedly different position on the war than did either of her establishment party opponents.  Lugo said “Oregonians embrace peace and diplomacy. It is clear that we want a new direction toward peace and environmental restoration and away from violence and the politics of fear."

            In Benton County, Circuit Court Judge Matt Donohue was elected to his first full term as a Circuit Court Judge.  Judge Donohue took the bench during his previous term as an appointee of the governor.  This race, like all other judicial elections in the state, was non-partisan.  In Corvallis, multi-term Pacific Green Party city councilor Mike Beilstein was easily re-elected.


Measure 90: Dangerous and Deceptive




Vote NO on Measure 90

Dangerous & Deceptive: Excellent guest viewpoint article in the Eugene Weekly by Pacific Green Party founder Blair Bobier.  Do add your comments to this online article.

Also, read here about the ENRON energy trader John Arnold who is spending $1.5 million on passing Measure 90. Manipulating energy markets was not enough, now the agenda is manipulating Oregon's elections!

Vote YES on Measure 91 - Legalize Hemp and Marijuana

2014_vote_yes_on_91.png    Measure 91 will replace our failed approach of treating marijuana use as a crime with a strict system of legal regulation and taxation – and only for adults 21 and over. This will make a real, positive difference for Oregon and Oregonians.  For more information, please visit the Vote Yes On 91 website

Vote YES on Measure 89 - Equal Rights Amendment

2014_vote_yes_on_89.JPG   Our constitution was written in 1859 at a time when women didn't have a right to vote, to own property, and often had little or no educational or vocational opportunities in life other than to be wives and mothers. Women are a majority of citizens in Oregon and 82% of all Oregonians support an Equal Rights Amendment.  It is time to bring the Oregon Constitution from the 19th century to the 21st century.  It is time to vote yes on Measure 89 to secure the rights of girls and women in Oregon for generations to come.  For more info, visit VoteERA website.