Beilstein disavows dark money mailer

I learned today that a dark money independent expenditure campaign is spending $37,000 distributing material supporting my candidacy as a Pacific Green for US Congress in the Oregon 4th District.  I do not approve of this activity and it does not originate from me or anyone associated with the Pacific Green Party.  I believe it is a dishonest tactic by wealthy supporters of the Republican party to take Progressive and Green leaning votes away from the Democratic candidate Val Hoyle.  This is a desperate attempt to get an unpopular candidate with unlimited resources elected to national office.  

I do not discourage anyone from voting for me, but voters should keep in mind the source of information that may appear to support my candidacy and know that I denounce this deliberate attempt to use dark money to mislead voters in an effort to make me a spoiler and hand a seat in Congress to a Republican. 

This abuse of the electoral system is only possible because Oregon uses a plurality victory system which allows election of candidates with less than majority support, and thus encourages spoiler tactics.  Regardless of the outcome of the November election, this current abuse of the system should convince Oregonians to support rapid adoption of statewide ranked choice voting.

Mike Beilstein, Pacific Green and Progressive candidate for US Congress, District 4

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