Sam Schwarz, Coos Bay, OR

Running for: State Senate District 5

Name of Incumbent: Open (Arnie Roblan retiring)

Why do you want to run for that office, vision/goals, how do you define winning?

Why: To give people the option to elect someone that represents the core fundamentals of environmental justice and basic human rights. Vision/goals: To expand voter turnout by inspiring people, especially young people to go with the Green Party and vote in November. For the win: Increase public knowledge of environmental concerns on the Oregon Coast in regard to corporate exploitation of people and nature.
Three key policies, messages 
1- Oppose Jordan Cove LNG Energy Project and promote Renewable Energy Opportunities.
2- Keep the Elliott State Forest in Public Ownership, while advocating for robust climate solutions.
3- Healthcare and Education Reform.
What is your plan, benchmarks 
As a PGP candidate I will hold the duopoly accountable for their lack of environmental representation. As a third party candidate, I will introduce real solutions to real problems that we as humanity face regardless of political affiliation.
Resources you anticipate needing, treasure mapping
I plan to run a competitive campaign and expect to raise between $10,000-$20,000. That would allow my campaign to have campaign signs (big and small), targeted direct mail, radio/social media/ cable television advertising.
Potential obstacles, negatives 
None. Though I know running for office can be difficult, I believe that my candidacy will be an opportunity to present a real choice to the voters of Senate District 5.
Relevant experience and/or other 
I have been fighting against LNG for nearly 14 years and to protect the Elliott State Forest for my entire life, as it is the place of my birth and our family homestead. I am a natural born environmental warrior. I recently ran a campaign in Coos County for Commissioner in the middle of a pandemic, with a damn good showing of votes per campaign dollar spent. I now endorse Katy Eymann in her race against incumbent Bob Main. I am very politically active on Oregon's South Coast.
How much money do you plan to spend? How will you raise the funds?
As I previously mentioned, I am hoping to raise between $10,000 to $20,000 for my campaign. I will do this through a combination of online fundraising via E-Mail and Social Media, direct mail, as well as (if possible due to Covid-19) in person “House Party” small group fundraisers. I am confident this goal is achievable.
List endorsements 
If nominated, I will secure additional endorsements.
Name of Five Supporting Green Party members who endorse your candidacy
Bryan Duggan, Dana Gaab, Seth Lucas, Sue Dolan, and Kevin Thurkow.
This information was provided by Sam on a candidate questionnaire.