Greens denounce Big Pharma assault on Ocean’s shark populations; Make appeal to Senators to halt harvesting of shark livers for Covid 19 vaccine.

The Pacific Greens are imploring Oregon’s Senators to take a stand for wild sharks now being fished for their livers. In an open letter, the Greens ask the Senators to intervene and stop Covid 19 vaccine manufacturers from using Shark liver to produce a compound used in the production of vaccines.

NPR News reported on an ecocide alert from Shark Allies claiming the the demand for a covid19 vaccine will drive the shark species into extinction. They are circulating a petition demanding shark free vaccines.

Already the cosmetics industry, and other vaccine makers, kill over 2 million sharks a year for squalene, a compound found in fish liver oil.

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Pacific Green Party Calls for Creation of a Public Bank

Pacific Green Party of Oregon For Immediate Release Sept. 10, 2020 Contact: Charles Newlin Email:
Pacific Green Party Calls for Creation of a Public Bank
The Pacific Green Party of Oregon today called for the creation of a public bank, describing it as "critical for Oregon’s future," and announced plans to push for legislation in the upcoming 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature.
"Oregon must be able to provide housing, clean energy, clean air, and healthy food for its citizens. A public bank would empower the public interest in fulfilling these objectives," said Nathalie Paravicini, the PGP’s candidate for Secretary of State, who has been co-nominated by the Progressive Party. 
Pacific Greens call for local empowerment and believe a public banking system is critical for  empowersing communities to form strong economies built around ecological sustainability and social justice.  A public bank can enable the development of more affordable housing, renewable energy systems, community cooperatives, and urban vertically-configured agriculture systems - all critical elements in a sustainable future.
The PGP is a signatory to the Oregon Public Bank project and has co-nominated the Progressive Party candidate for Oregon Treasurer, Chris Henry, who is running on a public bank platform.  The Treasurer of Oregon is empowered to advance legislation and ultimately facilitate the development of a public banking system for Oregon’s economy.

“A public bank is the key to empowering local and state initiatives.  Oregon, and the world around us, are in a state of ecological, humanitarian and political emergency.
A public bank is a fantastic tool for taking control of our financial future and is critical to solving the problems society must contend with,” said Henry.
"Oregon will not be limited by the will of Wall Street if it has a public bank and can leverage capital for positive purposes," said Paravicini.  “A public bank will empower the public interest and give Oregon financial freedom other states can only dream of.”

The PGP invites the public to join in lobbying efforts to create a public bank for Oregon.  You can find more information about the Public Bank Coalition and sign the petition at
If you want to be a representative to the coalition acting as a liaison with Pacific Green Party please send us a message at or go to  

Pacific Greens condemn anonymous Federal agents making illegal arrests of protesters! Can incoming Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt make a difference to quell the violence?

PGP News
Portland, Oregon

July 28, 2020

Incoming Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt will be under the spotlight to see if he can make a difference by providing leadership to quell escalating violence between Federal police and extreme protestors. From water bottles to flash grenades to commercial grade fireworks, and toxic tear gas, more people will be hurt as the protests continue in this manner. Moreover, civil rights are being violated.

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August 8 Nominating and Campaigning Convention - Scio

Come to our 2nd Nominating Convention and Summer Campaign Organizing Meeting in Beautiful Scio, Oregon! Hosted on private land by PGP Oregon HD17 nominee Tim Dehne.

On our proposed agenda, we'll be considering the nominations of one or two more great candidates, and organizing our coordinated campaign to get awesome results this year. A bit of business with documents proposals too. 

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Solidarity with Strike for Black Lives!

July 20 is planned for a nation-wide Strike for Black Lives! spearheaded by the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Pacific Greens stand in solidarity with the Poor People’s Campaign, United for Peace and Justice, SEIU and all activist groups demanding economic justice and the end to systemic racism.

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Watch the GPUS National Convention Live!

The Pacific Green Party congratulates the Hawkins campaign on gaining the nomination at the GPUS convention. 

PGP delegates voted 3 for Howie, 2 for Dario, 1 for Sedinam and 1 for Dennis, as apportioned at our state nominating convention.

GPUS National Convention here

PGP Candidates Co-Nominated by Progressive Party

Congratulations to our candidates who have secured the co-nomination of the Oregon Progressive Party:

Nathalie Paravicini, Secretary of State

Ibrahim Taher, U.S. Senate

Mike Beilstein, Benton County Commission, position 2




PGP US Senate Candidate Ibra Taher Endorsed by Cindy Sheehan

Prominent anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has endorsed Ibrahim's candidacy after his guest appearance on her program, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox!

Pacific Greens Hail Commission Report Calling for Ranked Choice Voting

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon welcomes the release of Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century, a report which enthusiastically embraces a key electoral reform which the Green Party has supported for decades:  Ranked Choice Voting.

The report was produced by the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship, under the auspices of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a non-partisan research institution.

Greens are 100% in support of Ranked Choice Voting, a more democratic voting method that eliminates the spoiler effect by allowing voters to rank their choices for all the candidates competing for a seat. The method is used in countries like Australia and Ireland, for a variety of statewide and federal elections in Maine, and will be used by Benton County voters for the first time in November.

Cities across the country now use it to elect representatives. It precludes the need for run-off elections, avoids the “throw away” vote, and would forever stifle the complaint that a minor party threw an election.

The Pacific Greens played a major role in getting Ranked Choice Voting approved in Benton County and plan to support a Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative for the 2022 Oregon election.

However, given the widespread success of RCV, along with the Academy of Arts and Sciences seal of approval, Pacific Greens intend to lobby the Oregon Legislature to either pass legislation allowing RCV in all state elections, or will request that legislators refer a measure to the ballot for voters to decide.

“Ranked Choice Voting gives voters more power and more choices,” said Blair Bobier, who was a Chief Petitioner for the successful Benton County ballot initiative.  "Most importantly, places that use RCV, like Oakland and San Francisco, have seen their local governments become more diverse and more representative of their constituencies."

In addition to Ranked Choice Voting, the Report focuses on Campaign Finance Reform and calls for a federal constitutional amendment to address legal decisions, such as Citizens United, which have found that “money is speech.”  The non-partisan Commission calls for campaign finance disclosure rules to make elections more fair and democratic.

The report features six strategies each defined by multiple tactics, for a total of 31 changes that would produce more fair and just elections, improve the quality of our political culture, and enhance the role social media could play in advancing fair elections and honest campaigns, among other improvements.  The Report also calls for increasing the number of Representatives in the House, limiting Supreme Court justices to 18 year terms, and seeks to apply a Fairness Doctrine to social media.  The Director of the Commission said the report is a starting point for discussion and debate.

Creating more open and fair elections has been a mainstay of the Green Party platform since the party's inception.  The Pacific Green Party played a central role in Benton County's adoption of Ranked Choice Voting and will continue to advocate for this more democratic election method until it is the law of the land in Oregon.

Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

Juneteenth Day is an opening for the American Republic to honor promises  made years ago. It celebrates the day a Federal General announced that slavery was over in the Union at Galveston, Texas in June 1865 at the end of the Civil War. 
Martin Luther King recognized that the way forward must include economic justice.  The great injustice of the Civil War, besides the many lives lost, is that the white slave owners were compensated for the economic losses of the war, but the formerly enslaved African Amercans were not given the promised 40 acres and a mule; we are long past the time to rectify this injustice.  The Pacific Green Party calls on the federal government to pass a Reparations Act and make Juneteenth a national  holiday.
A crucial link in enabling police violence, “qualified immunity,” as a legal defense for oppressive and violent police practices, enables
modern day lynchings. The nation is haunted by Jim Crow every time a black person is killed.  Now white Americans are marching in solidarity with African Americans and other people of color demanding justice. 
Pacific Greens call for a renewal of justice by making law enforcement fully accountable in both civil and criminal law for their actions.
"E Puribus Unum: from many comes one nation; but for the African American community this Latin motto is thin as the copper coating on a modern penny, a hollow claim of national solidarity," said Charles Newlin, Pacific Green press contact